Review: Celeteque Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Ultra-Hydrating Cleanser

After reading about the Celeteque Advanced Anti-aging Trio from The Beauty Addict, I decided to pay a visit to Watsons and check out the new line of Celeteque, which is the Celeteque Advanced Anti-Aging Trio. When I picked up the Celeteque Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Ultra-Hydrating Cleanser Light Cleansing Oil from the shelf, my mom said, “Why are you buying an anti-aging product? I think, anak, you’re too young for that.” Well, we’re about to find out.

A short introduction before I continue with m...

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Cyanide Beauty and Beauty’s Treasure’s Summer Giveaway WINNER!

Hello everyone! Sorry for keeping you waiting for the results of the giveaway draw. I just want to thank everyone first before anything else, for joining Beauty’s Treasure and Cyanide Beauty’s little giveaway, and I hope that you would continue to support our giveaways in the future ♥

Alright, so onto our list of winners!

Congratulations to Dorry Lyn, Jorayma Salvan, and Karen Chayne Sanchez!

We would also like to thank our sponsor, Beauty’s Treasure for our fabulous giveaway items...

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Free Coffee c/o CBTL’s Open House

I invited my dad over to the open house of Coffee Bean and Teal Leaf last Sunday. They were serving their newest drink, Espresso and Cream Ice Blended Coffee, for FREE. We decided to go try the CBTL at Ortigas Park, wherever that is.
My Floral Blue Espadrilles. It might look like I have two left feet, but no. :|
We had no idea where it was. We just asked for directions on how to get there. Turns out it was just beside the parking lot we always park at. /fail.
Ortigas Park — a minipark at th...
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Weekend Adventure: Lunch at Sushi-ya + Pet-Parazzi Parade

It was a rainy Saturday. Woke up at 10 in the morning, and decided to have lunch at Sushi-ya, Megamall. We considered eating lunch at our favorite japanese place, Ji-Pan, but we wanted to try something new. We also considered Orchard Road, but it scared us that there were only a few people having lunch over there, despite the size of the place and attractive menu.

We bought this set of maki for only 200 pesos...

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VISUALZINE Exhibit Culminating Night

Last May 27, I got the chance to attend the culminating night of VISUALZINE, a weeklong exhibit produced by amazingly talented people, including Mr. Xander Angeles, multi-awarded photographer, and guest creative director, Mr. Raymond Gutierrez...

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Just so you know, I’ve never been this manic before in my entire life. Maybe because, I feel like time is running out for me. I feel like I’m going to go someplace soon, and I have an ominous feeling that it’s not gonna be all that fun.
I’m just trying to enjoy the time I have left. Shopping, going to events, reading books, bumming around, things I might not have the privilege to do in the very near future. Yes, this includes wearing boots and lace tights.
This also includes keeping my n...
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My Happy YUMMY Eats Adventure ♥

Last week, I joined the canDishhh tales’ YUMMY tickets giveaway, and won two tickets! One for me and my boyfriend. A ticket would have cost us 150 pesos each, and we decided to join the giveaway contest to save us 300 pesos which we can use as pocket money to take home treats from the event.

It was a busy Saturday for me, as I had to attend a job fair for nurses over at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati...

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Sometimes, I  still secretly wish that someone would save me.

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Sunshine in my Pocket

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First PFW Ever *__*

I’ve been super dying to go all week, but did not get the opportunity to do so until a co-blogger mentioned that he had four extra PFW tickets. I immediately grabbed them, even though I had a 1-5pm class. I gave one ticket, the 1 pm show to my mom, took one 4 pm show for myself, and gave away two 4 pm (Premiere C Collection) to two of my students.

And because my class was from 1-5 pm, we only got to catch Raoul Ramirez’ and Yako Reyes’ designs...

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