Purple Smokey Look Makeup Trial

Alright! I’ve decided to take on this smokey look poject, where I’ll be doing trials of smokey eye makeup looks using all the colors in my palette. I started with purple/ violet.

Products used:
Revlon Colorstay Foundation in Sand Beige
Dr. Jart Silver Label Blemish Balm / BB Cream
NYX Box of Shadows Palette
TonyMoly Party Gel Liner in Black
MAC Sheer Pressed Powder in NC 25
In2it Oil Control Pressed Powder
In2it Blusher
NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose
NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Citrine
Unbranded Conto...

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Hair Color Inspirations Part 2

So it’s been three months already since I had my hair dyed, and I’m dying to get a hair color that’s a bit lighter than what I have now. Again, I’m only going to refer to photos of ulzzangs I stumble upon online :)

Her hair color is a light reddish brown shade that’s not annoying to look at. It’s quite pretty <3
This one’s reddish brown as well, although the brown is darker.
Ash brown. I still like this shade, but I’m torn between reddish brown and ash brown
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Random Sightings 08/07/2011

Can you say excited? I got up at 9:30 AM early in time for the CBTL Open House, and to my surprise, it was not until next week!! Dyahe. I even invited three other friends. Next time, read instructions kasi, Hana.

Anyway, it’s on next week. CBTL’s Open House for the Cookies and Cream Ice Blended drink. I won’t miss it.

Starbucks’ pastries. For some reason, their pastries are cheaper and much more enticing than their competitors’
Binondo’s Makong, where noodles, siomai, and sauce ...
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Review: G&G Burn Pink

Today I’ll be reviewing one of my favorite circle lenses among those I’ve tried, the GnG or G&G Burn Pink. I love circle lenses, and I love the color pink! It’s a wonderful combination.

This is how it would look like in photos online when you search for it.

And here are some of my pictures wearing a pair of G&G Burn Pink:

Daylight Lighting. I was seated by the window.

Size / Diameter: 14.5 mm

Comfort: 5/5 Super comfortable, not drying...

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Sweet Pampering at Beauty And Butter

Got tired feet? I do. Not just that, but tired hands, sometimes even coupled with an aching back. I’d like to give you guys an idea on what I do for a living. My day job is a nurse in one of the busiest tertiary hospitals in the metro. My shift runs for eight hours a day, about five days a week. My job as a nurse entails that I attend to every patient’s needs, even if it means not getting a chance to sit down even for a moment during the whole shift...
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Happy Place: Caffeina @ Adriatico, Manila

I’ve been having a difficult time getting connected to an internet connection these past few weeks. I’ve started staying in a newly built condo in Manila, and their amenities are not quite topnotch as they claim. To make matters worse, ISPs haven’t been responding well to our internet application. I was left with no choice but to find some distraction, or a place with good internet.

I found what I’ve been looking for in a small spot in Adriatico, Manila...

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Who will be the Philippines’ next Hot Young Designer?

Back when we were younger (way back in the early 90s), we’re often asked what we would like to be when we grow up. Most kids would answer, doctor, or teacher, or engineer. Back then, very few would say that their ambition would be to become a fashion designer. Well, years have passed and the tides have definitely changed. The world is screaming for fashion, and we’re moving into a new age. This planet needs more talented designers and innovations in style that would sweep the fashion world away.

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Weekend Adventure: Cafe Ilang-Ilang, Manila Hotel

Desserts all you can~!
Japanese section
Geisha doll on display
Salmon sashimi and some sushi
Creme Brulee
That’s suman, and leche flan, and something really delicious (I forgot what it’s called, sorry!)
Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream <3
Ube-flavored Taho with all the syrup in this planet

When I’m asked to think of Manila Hotel, i begin to imagine a crummy old hotel in Intramu...

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Dell Notebook Press Launch