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Applying for NBI Clearance & Renewal

NBI Clearance Requirements

I’ll be getting my NBI Clearance this week, and had no idea where to have my previous clearance renewed. So I researched, and wanted to share this information with you. The NBI would be implementing a new system of applying for clearance employing the use of a Biometric system, wherein there would be no more need to press the applicant’s fingers on inked stamp pads and for the fingerprints.

For applications, here are the following requirements:

The requirements are two (2) valid Identification ...

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Hello! Welcome to my new home on the internet. I’ve been in and out of hiatus (than blogging) too frequently, and there have been a lot of changes in my life recently. And I’ve been planning this move for the longest time, so with the help of my most awesome boyfriend (naks!) I now have this spanking new blog with the theme I fell in love with! Hurrah! So I shall make it my 2013’s resolution to blog more often!

How do you like my new blog? Leave me some comments below :)

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EOTD: Philippine Independence Day -Inspired; Work In Progress

Took inspiration from the Philippine Flag, which left me with the colors blue and red to work with. It’s pretty difficult to make it not appear like someone punched me in the eyes, since the colors red and blue mixed together looks like an ecchymosis. Also, it has to be blue on top of the red, because the arrangement of the colors in the Philippine Flag is symbolic: blue for peace, reigning over red, which symbolizes war and unrest.

Bare faced save for the eyes...

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Everyday Doll x Eazy Fashion Korean Accessories Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to the winner of 1k worth of Korean Accessories from Eazy Fashion! I’ll contact you shortly via Facebook, so please make sure to send me your shipping details within 48 hours from receiving my PM.

Again, thanks to everyone who joined Everyday Doll x Eazy Fashion’s short giveaway!

Tune in for the next giveaway. I’ll be posting about it very soon. For now, head over to Beauty’s Treasure’s Facebook Page and don’t forget to LIKE the page for updates on my next giveaway.

Ciao! -ED

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Win All the Celeteque You’ll Ever Need Giveaway

Hello! It’s been a while since I last hosted a giveaway, and I’m happy to be finally giving away this huge stash of Celeteque DermoScience to ONE or THREE lucky winners :D

The steps are easy! Read below for the instructions on how to take home these amazing products.

Required: Follow Everyday Doll via Google Friend Connect (check the sidebar for the GFC widget)

Required: Which of the following Celeteque DermoScience Skin Care Line would you like to win most and why? Post your comment ...

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Happiness in a box


Finally got myself a Canon 50mm f/1.8 :) I’ve always wanted to have one, and now, I’ve bought a second hand 50mm from I’m super happy to see my hard-earned money finally going into something I love doing :)

How about you? What have you bought recently that made you happy? :)

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10/31/2011 Sofitel Halloween Lunch

Quiet lunch over at Sofitel’s Spiral. Sadly, we didn’t anymore get the full value of our money, because of what Typhoon Pedring caused to Sofitel. They had to relocate the buffet area to the second floor, meaning a smaller space with limited food offerings. I remember having the Halloween buffet two years ago here at Spiral. It was awesome with so many food choices.

THIS. is Cream of Mushroom. Not the usual watered down soup I know.
Lobster nom nom
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Who will be the Philippines’ next Hot Young Designer?

Back when we were younger (way back in the early 90s), we’re often asked what we would like to be when we grow up. Most kids would answer, doctor, or teacher, or engineer. Back then, very few would say that their ambition would be to become a fashion designer. Well, years have passed and the tides have definitely changed. The world is screaming for fashion, and we’re moving into a new age. This planet needs more talented designers and innovations in style that would sweep the fashion world away.

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Groupon addiction + Deal Indulgence

I am now officially a groupon addict. o_o
How can I say this? Well.. 
  • I am subscribed to almost all the local group-buying websites
  • I am looking forward to their updates and emails
  • One of the first websites I open when I go online is PH-DEALS
Despite this, I haven’t bought a handful… yet. While I am a self-confessed groupon junkie,  I *still try* to be smart about my purchases...
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Don’t forget your sunblock this summer~

Funny Coppertone bottle design my dad chanced upon in a rummage sale
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