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The week that was – 11/11/11 onwards

You know how there was this whole hype about 11/11/11 and how it would come once in a lifetime? Yeah, we jumped in the bandwagon and decided to make it special for us, too. We planned to go to the Banchetto Wish Lanterns event but did not push through with the plan because we knew there would be lots of people and traffic would be terrible. Good foresight, as it turns out that the Banchetto event did not materialize for safety concerns.

So this is my week’s Happy List...

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Latest Discovery: Angry Little Girls

Angry Little Girls was created by Lela Lee back in 2005. The main character, Kim, is known as the Angry Little Asian Girl. Other characters of the comic includes Disenchanted Little Princess, Devorah; Gloomy Little Girl, Xyla; Fresh Little Soul Sistah; Crazy Latina; and Bruce, Kim’s on and off boyfriend who is the eternal subject of Kim’s torture, among other characters. Get to know more about the comics from the Angry Little Girls website .

Kim – Angry Little Asi...
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OOTD: Lazy Wednesday White and Gray

Thrifted White and Gray Blouse, Lace Leggings bought online, Doc Martens
Demented? Yeah, probably.
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The Breakout Diaries Episode 1

No, this is not a new drama series I’m hooked to. This is just a little something I use to refer to my recent life crisis.

While having pimples may not be bad for most people, I just can’t get over the fact that I can’t remember any period in my life when I was absolutely pimple-free. My recent breakout was triggered by a skin product which I found out two weeks later was incompatible with my skin type, hence, the battlefield on my face...

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This Week’s Acquisition: Hello, new satchel~

During the eve of Typhoon Pedring, or rather, the day before, I decided to go and take a trip to Greenhills. I personally find Greenhills so difficult to go to! It’s so inacessible for me who’s from Manila and is so tamad to take two rides to get there. BUT! For the love if Ichigo Shoes and bags, as well as rare finds that can only be found in Shoppesville, Theater Mall, as well as the Tiangge area (I swear there are just some things you cannot find in Divisoria. I tried...

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Uh oh, skin trouble + Recent Acquisitions: Etude, ELF, Watsons


As you’ve noticed, I’ve taken this semi-hiatus from doing FOTDs and practicing mainly to rest my skin from cosmetics use. I had a breakout recently (which needs no use of a photo for your imagination) from trying out products, and well, such is the life of a beauty junkie. You try some products, hoping that they will work on you, but it won’t always be the case. I’d really like to get back to practicing! Looking forward to doing that soon :)

Meanwhile, don’t forget to join my ongoing give...

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This week’s acquisition: Printed T-strapped Wedges

I finally found the time to head over to Greenhills and visit Ichigo Shoes’s Shop.
Unboxing my first pair of shoes from Ichigo
Love <3
The T-strapped style has little appeal to me in the past. I don’t know what’s with the sudden change of heart and on a whim I chose this pair. It’s probably the prints. But now, I’m loving T-straps more.

The box even comes with shoe care instructions under the box lid. So helpful!
The SA told me that they will be stocking up new ...
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Have you received a suspension email from ""?

Last week, I got this email from a certain It was in my Inbox, which means it was not considered as spam. The email read:

This totally shook me, because it’s actually true that I follow a huge number of people not proportional to the number of my followers. Of course, I’m not doing it to be annoying on purpose, and I have really never heard of being suspended for following accounts of people you really want to follow. When has that been such a crime??

I immediately checked ...

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Random Snapshots — August 3rd Week

Still spending my weeknights chilling over at Caffeina, Adriatico Manila

Reading Japanese Fashion Magazines over my favorite Caramel Toasted Mallows

Thursday Dinner with family. This is our thanksgiving dinner for finally having internet connection after 2 months. Up to this day, I still cannot believe that I did not die from the lack of internet connection. It’s like oxygen to me :)) and the frequent trips to Caffeina felt like gasps of breaths.

Then there were breakfasts like this — compo...

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The French Baker Closing Hour Sale — Breads at Half Price

Break muna sa makeup and reviews. Today I want to share with you my shopping experience at The French Baker, Robinsons Place Ermita.

I live just around Rob, so sometimes, I get to stay past eight and I see this people lining up over at French Baker. The first time I witnessed this, it really got me curious. I realized that this was because during closing hour, or starting at 9:00 PM, The French Baker sells their left-over breads at half price!

This is amazing for two reasons:


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