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Angel’s Pizza Delivers the Freshest Pizza Flavors in Town

With over thirty outlets, nine full stores, and twenty-six slice booths, Angel’s Pizza has become a go-to for pizza-on-the-go.

Angel’s Pizza has been consistently coming up with great flavors, most timely and timeless flavors you’ll never get tired of. Here are some must-try flavors from Angel’s Pizza:

Angel’s Pizza – Cheesy Melt
Angel’s Pizza – Cheesy Melt

Cheesy Melt packs in a lot of punch with mozarella and cheddar cheese both bringing in the cheesiest from any of their pi...

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Where to Eat in Manila : Barbara’s Restaurant

Before anything else, I have to come clean: I love post processing my photos. I don’t feel that they suck at all, it’s just that, I’m in love with filters and colors and hues, and that’s how I see the world, and the camera just doesn’t do my photos justice :)) I want to show you how I see things, hence the post-processing. But many of the photos you’ll see in this post, HARDLY POST-PROCESSED. You’ll see why.

Last Friday, I got the chance to enjoy dinner in a very beautiful spot in Intra...

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Craving for Barbecue? Try ORA Korean BBQ in Malvar

We recently discovered a Korean BBQ place along Malvar St., in Ermita called O-RA or ORA. It was relatively new, because during that time, they still had balloons all over the place, kind of like they just finished with their grand opening a few days ago and did not bother to clear up the balloons yet.

What drew us to try the place out was the opening discount lol...

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Saturday Breakfast at Flapjacks + Flapjacks Buy 1 Take 1 Treat

With the number of blog posts about food recently on this blog, I’m definitely considering changing my blog’s name to “Everyday Doll Food” LOL. I can’t help it! We love to eat. It’s a basic need to eat food, and at the same time, a guilty pleasure to indulge in good food. :)

Last Monday, we watched Horrible Bosses, and after buying our tickets, we were given two free stubs for Flapjacks Buy 1 Take 1 Treat.

You’re given a stub when you watch a movie at Robinsons Place Ermita.


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Have you found Serenitea?

Recently, I’ve been trying to cool off on the coffee. I’ve had far too many sleepless nights, and an extra cup of coffee more than my usual one cup could make me lose some more valuable sleep time. However, I’m still on the lookout for some drinks, and a good place to hang out.

Then I found Serenitea.

Serenitea. Not your ordinary cup of tea.
Us, while waiting for our drinks.

Meet our Serenitea Loyaltea Card
They give you a sticker for every purchase of a L...
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Desserts: Cara Mia!

Fact: I can’t stand temperature extremes.

I can’t eat ice cream that’s like freezing, or coffee that’s hot. I cool my coffee to warm level, and melt my ice cream till it’s soft. I’m weird like that. *shrugs*

Fact # 2: For me, a complete meal has to have dessert. Else I won’t feel full.

A few weeks ago, we decided to try out this place at Robinsons Place Ermita called Cara Mia, which is Italian for “My Dear”. We’re always passing hat place, and we haven’t tried eating desserts there before.

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The French Baker Closing Hour Sale — Breads at Half Price

Break muna sa makeup and reviews. Today I want to share with you my shopping experience at The French Baker, Robinsons Place Ermita.

I live just around Rob, so sometimes, I get to stay past eight and I see this people lining up over at French Baker. The first time I witnessed this, it really got me curious. I realized that this was because during closing hour, or starting at 9:00 PM, The French Baker sells their left-over breads at half price!

This is amazing for two reasons:


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Happy Place: Caffeina @ Adriatico, Manila

I’ve been having a difficult time getting connected to an internet connection these past few weeks. I’ve started staying in a newly built condo in Manila, and their amenities are not quite topnotch as they claim. To make matters worse, ISPs haven’t been responding well to our internet application. I was left with no choice but to find some distraction, or a place with good internet.

I found what I’ve been looking for in a small spot in Adriatico, Manila...

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Weekend Adventure: Cafe Ilang-Ilang, Manila Hotel

Desserts all you can~!
Japanese section
Geisha doll on display
Salmon sashimi and some sushi
Creme Brulee
That’s suman, and leche flan, and something really delicious (I forgot what it’s called, sorry!)
Ferrero Rocher Ice Cream <3
Ube-flavored Taho with all the syrup in this planet

When I’m asked to think of Manila Hotel, i begin to imagine a crummy old hotel in Intramu...

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Free Coffee c/o CBTL’s Open House

I invited my dad over to the open house of Coffee Bean and Teal Leaf last Sunday. They were serving their newest drink, Espresso and Cream Ice Blended Coffee, for FREE. We decided to go try the CBTL at Ortigas Park, wherever that is.
My Floral Blue Espadrilles. It might look like I have two left feet, but no. :|
We had no idea where it was. We just asked for directions on how to get there. Turns out it was just beside the parking lot we always park at. /fail.
Ortigas Park — a minipark at th...
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