HANA’s 2017 Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts Worth Php150 and Below for Girls

Christmas season is upon us, and I could not be any more excited! I live for this season because my love language is giving gifts. In fact, I’m already done with my Christmas shopping for the officemates as early as last month. So I’m really excited to share with you all my *ehem* expertise *ehem* in finding great gifts that won’t cost you your whole thirteenth month pay. In the first installment of my 2017 Gift Guide Series, I’ve listed down 10 great gifts that are all Php 150 below. This isn’t an extensive list. If I could add more, I would! But I decided to only include my Top 10, and most of them are even under a hundred.

mumuso socks

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1. Socks from Mumuso/ Miniso/ Japan Home Center (Php 88-Php 99). Over the years, I’ve grown to love collecting socks (mostly because they a piece always gets lost from a pair when I have it washed). My go-to for cheap but good quality socks is Japan Home Center, which sells a pack of 3 pairs of socks for Php 88. I’ve recently discovered that Mumuso and Miniso offer cute foot socks for Php 99 for a pack of 2. These cute socks are a great and practical gift. You can bet that your friends will have a use for them.

2. Wallet Organizer (Php 55). The Card Organizer and Passport holder is a terrific gift idea for your girlfriends who are always on the go. Passprts and all their important cards can be kept securely in the many compartments of the organizer. Its shape makes it easy to hold on to and takes very little space in your carry-on.

3. Messy Bessy Duos (Php 99). I’ve loved Messy Bessy ever since I encountered them three years ago. Messy Bessy is a local brand dedicated to creating safe and plant-derived cleaning products. And they’re not just another pretty brand – they’re a brand on a mission. Proceeds from their sales go to the training and development of formerly abused, trafficked, and/or incarcerated, out of school youth. Check out their Shopee account for FREE SHIPPING on orders of Messy Bessy products worth Php 500 and above.

4. Rape Alarm (Starts at Php 50). Nothing says “I care” more than these rape alarm, which can be used to call attention upon yourself during an attack, an emergency, or a calamity. It also doesn’t hurt that they look so cute. Don’t they remind you of Sakura’s Clow Key? The rape alarm comes in two colors, pastel pink and blue. The rape alarm can be tied to any item that is accessible to the user, such as a mobile phone, or a bag.

5. Fruit Crisps from Oh So Healthy (Php 95). Your health-conscious friends will enjoy these yummy snacks from Oh So Healthy. They come in three variants: Mango Banana, Yam Coconut, and Guava Banana.6. Nail Grooming Kit (Php 79). Anyone who loves a good mani-pedi knows that you can’t always trust the nail technician’s tools. It’s much safer to just bring your own set of tools to the nail salon, so that you can rest easy knowing that the tools used on you does not harbor any bacteria or disease-causing microorganisms from other customers. It also helps to have a nail grooming kit in handy for those nail emergencies. Be it long, unsightly nails, chipped nails, hang nails, or whatever, this compact nail grooming kit can take care of it!

7. Facial Masks (Starts at Php 29 on BeautyMNL, Php 55 on Esfolio.ph). Me-time and pamper days are not complete with soothing facial masks! They’re also perfect to keep on hand for emergency sleepovers and facial emergencies!

8. Human Nature Soothing Balm (Php 100). This is one gift that anyone would love to have in their kikay kits. The Human Nature Soothing Balm is a compact relief-in-a-jar, and is the go-to alternative to White Flower.

9. Pro Dual-Purpose Cleaner 100 ml (Php 150) or Makeup Remover Lotion (Php 120). Nippon Esthetic’s Dual-Purpose Cleaner can wipe any dirty makeup brush clean from grime, while the Makeup Remover Lotion does the job of removing every single trace of your makeup from your face. Don’t these two (together or individually) make great gifts to your makeup-savvy BFFs?

10. Room & Linen Spray from Daiso (Php 88). This is one of my best finds from Daiso last month. It was an impulse buy when I first bought this, but I’ve completely fallen in love with the scent. I use it on a daily basis to freshen up any room, and it just smells so magical. With as little as three sprays, it transforms the room into a haven of relaxation. I’ve been using it for a month now, spraying as much as twice a day, but I haven’t even consumed half of it! This is a gift titas at heart would love.

BONUS: 11. Skin Genie’s Anti EYEging (Php 150). Skin Genie’s Anti EYEging can make puffy eyes go away in an instant. It’s so efective that it’s mostly always on the waitlist on BeautyMNL. And even though it’s not the cure-all for dark undereyes, but it effortlessly brightens your undereyes, making them look younger and more WOKE.

Stay tuned for the next installments of HANA’s 2017 Christmas Gift Guide!-HANA

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