5 Reasons Why Power Dressing is an Essential Life Skill

I work as a team leader for a local agency-type company in Pasig, and while the company I work for doesn’t enforce strict rules when it comes to office attire, I take it upon myself to always dress up everyday like I’m meeting my worst rival. Power dressing is just one of those skills that people neglect, thinking that it’s not as important as doing well at work, hitting your targets, and all other things that would make your boss happy. However, one of the best advice I’ve gotten before when it comes to outperforming the other guy (or girl) is that you have to pay attention to how people perceive you. “Say you’re competing with another colleague for a promotion. All else equal, performance and work ethic considered, how can you communicate to your boss that you’re a better fit for the role?”

And while many of us refuse to believe it, appearance does play a role in the decision-making process.  Marc L. Resnick, Ph.D., a human factors professor at Bentley University College of Business shares some insight into this behavior. “My research finds that when making decisions, people are influenced by a variety of factors that are explicitly conscious, tacitly conscious, and unconscious,” says Resnick. “So even for a hiring manager that knows of this tendency and forces him/herself to suppress it, it is still an influence.”

Power dressing may have originally been defined as women wearing suits for work, but times and styles have changed for the better. Today, power dressing is more than just donning a suit and strutting yourself to work. Here’s five more ways I define power dressing, and how it’s helping shape the modern women’s confidence:

Power dressing to me is:

Putting your best foot forward.

Owning a winning first impression.

Wearing your personal style at work.

Expressing authority and command.

Representing a fearless state of mind.

Have I managed to convince you already? Great! But you should also know that power dressing can be time-consuming and costly. It is an investment in your wardrobe, and more importantly, in yourself. Taking care of your clothes and making sure that they last long should minimize the costs of your investment. ;)  And good FashionCare starts with finding an excellent partner in keeping your clothes looking newer with every wash. Can you imagine the crazy amount of money I’d be spending on clothes if I didn’t take good care of them?

Pro-tip: Having a few key pieces and taking care of them really well helps maximize whatever budget you may have allocated for clothing.

Simply put, power dressing is POWER. It can take you to great heights and beautiful places. But you’re only as powerful as your wardrobe’s quality. Where will your power dressing take you?-HANA

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