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True Story

I’m claiming it: 2017 is my worst year this decade.

Yep, it’s true. I’ve had a shitty year so far, and I’m two months shy from 2018, so I’d say that there’s no danger of my luck turning around and my last two months of the year making up for the rest of my year.

I’ve failed plenty of times this year.

I lost so many people on my team.

I dropped out of grad school after planning for so long. And I don’t even like making plans...

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5 Reasons Why Power Dressing is an Essential Life Skill

I work as a team leader for a local agency-type company in Pasig, and while the company I work for doesn’t enforce strict rules when it comes to office attire, I take it upon myself to always dress up everyday like I’m meeting my worst rival. Power dressing is just one of those skills that people neglect, thinking that it’s not as important as doing well at work, hitting your targets, and all other things that would make your boss happy...

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