Singapore Day 2: Of Museums and Hawker Centers

Our Day 2 in Singapore is the reason why we’re in Singapore in the first place: The Asian Scientist Writing Prize awarding. Kyle was invited to attend the event after submitting his entry to the contest, and we and everyone back at home were excited to find out what he won!

But first, breakfast.

Breakfast: Ya Kun Kaya Toast

The train ride didn’t cost us any more than the $30 we spent on the tourist pass on our first day. Now, riding buses and trains is a breeze. I can’t believe we waited until the later part of our first day to buy ourselves a tourist pass!

Anyway, going back to my favorite meal of the day — breakfast. Back home, we loved Kopi Roti and their set meals, but most of the accessible Kopi Roti branches closed down, and we haven’t eaten kaya toast in two years! So we really looked forward to having kaya toast, kopi, and glorious soft boiled eggs for breakfast, right before our main event.

This cost us $4.5 for the set, and that has been the most expensive meal we’ve had at that point. While we loved the food,  the service, the ambiance, and everything else, we can’t help but be surprised that they charge for napkins! To be fair though, their comfort rooms are well-stocked with tissues, so there’s really very little to complain about.

The Main Event at the Science Centre: The Asian Scientist Writing Award

Long story short – Kyle won for himself a Merit Award, yaaay! This comes as no shock to me, because I know how he poured over his entry, from coming up with the topic, to researching, the writing, proofreading, and just making sure everything’s perfect before we submitted it and hoped for the best. He represented the Philippines in the competition, along with two other Filipino Science writers who won awards and honorable mentions.

I couldn’t be more proud of him even if I tried.

Still inside the Science Centre: The Dino Robot Factory

 Dino Robot Factory: How to Build a Dinosaur science centre

Since Kyle is a big fan of dinosaurs, we decided to check out the Dino Robot Factory: How to Build a Dinosaur exhibit inside the Science Centre. Tickets cost $5 each to enter. The displays were very informative, and the T-Rex fossil was incredible! I don’t really know much about dinosaurs, but I found the exhibit very interesting enough to recommend.

 Dino Robot Factory: How to Build a Dinosaur science centre singapore

After we reached the end of the Dino Robot Factory exhibit, we decided to move along to our next stop — The Lee Kong Chian Museum of Natural History.

It was a bit of a commute from the Science Centre from what we gathered from our research. However, we were already so tired just from looking for the bus stop which the bus that would take us to LKC Museum would stop at. Some areas had bus stops that were few and far between. Jurong East appears to be one of those areas.

After finally getting a ride, and getting off at the designated stop which Google maps recommended, there was still a lot of walking to be done to get us to our destination. The sun shone brightly and intensely that day, and the heat was unrelenting. By the time we finally got to the museum, we were already desperate to get our hands on a bottle of drink of any sort. We decided to get this:

Tropicana. This flavor is not available in the Philippines, and maybe for a good reason. It didn’t taste as nice as it looked.

Lee Kong Chian: Museum of Natural History

Lee Kong Chian: Museum of Natural History free tour

We pre-purchased our tickets via Klook earlier that day. As usual, we only had to present the mobile voucher to enter the musuem.  I knew beforehand that they offered complimentary guided tours at 1 in the afternoon, so we opted to wait for the tour before entering the museum.

We had a bit of time to waste, so we decided to take photos at the IG-worthy wall.

Lee Kong Chian: Museum of Natural History free tour

At 1 PM, the tour guide gathered the participants at the entrance and ushered us in. We were given access to the wifi connection, which we could use to access museum areas that the tour might not cover. The tour lasted for two hours before we separated from the group. It was very educational, as the tour guide shared a lot of information about the fascinating creatures of this planet. However, the tour guide was probably a little too enthusiastic, and we found ourselves overwhelmed with the amount of information he shared during that afternoon. There were occasions when I just wanted to sit down after a prolonged period of just standing next to a display, as the tour guide went on with a lengthy discussion on marine life, shells, and mollusks.

Lee Kong Chian: Museum of Natural History free tour

While I would still highly recommend going on the complimentary tour, I would also say that it did leave us wanting to cover more ground. They had so many displays, such as the dinosaur fossils display, and I really wanted the tour guide to talk more about that. We decided to break off from the group two hours after, and explored the museum on our own. While it’s not as informative, it did let us go around at our own pace.

Hawker Center #2: China Town

Duck Rice

You might remember that we visited Tiong Bahru on our first day here in Singapore, making that the first hawker center we’ve visited. China town was next on our list.

Yam cake and chee cheong fun

Compared to Tiong Bahru, the China town hawker center did not look as tidy. Nevertheless, food was cheap and good. Kyle ordered duck rice, and I ordered yam cake and chee cheong fun. We also bought banana juice (good!) and mango juice (bad), and spent an hour walking around the area.

We took pictures at the plaza area and got keychains for souvenirs

And had coffee and Peng Kueh at Nanyang old Coffee. The Peng Kueh didn’t taste good huhu.

Hawker Center #3: Maxwell Food Center

After resting our feet for a bit, we walked to Maxwell Food Center, and unfortunately did not find anything unique. Well, we found that more establishments offered fresh coconuts at Maxwell Food Center, so we decided to buy ourselves a refreshing serving of Thai coconut.

Thai Coconut

This hawker food crawl is turning out to be more crawl than food. We were so full from the first hawker center we stopped at, that we couldn’t really find anything we REALLY, REALLY want to eat at the second hawker center.

Hawker Center #4: Lau Pa Sat

Lau Pa Sat Festival Market

Our final stop for the night is the Lau Pa Sat Food Centre. One noteworthy thing about it was that they had one of the roads around the hawker centre closed off, and had tables prepared so that more diners can be accommodated. The architecture of the hawker centre was really impressive, too!

Mango Ice Kachang Dessert

We wanted to end our food crawl with dessert, but when we made our way to the dessert stall, we found that there were too many options to choose from! It was fortunate that the staff was Filipino, and we were able to get recommendations from him on which dessert to order. I feel like any recommendation, regardless of the nationality of the person giving it, is helpful. However, it filled us with extra confidence to order the Mango Ice Kachang because the person who recommended it is Pinoy, and shared our taste for flavorful desserts.

We didn’t pass up on the chance to ride a double-decker bus on our way back to Geylang.

Aboard a double-decker bus in Singapore. We did so many things on our second day that we couldn’t help but looked TIRED AF in this photo.

That’s it for Day 2! Watch out for our Day 3 recap~ -HANA


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