REVIEW: Lalamove Delivery Service

Note: This isn’t sponsored. Nowadays, when you see a review by bloggers, you have to assume it’s sponsored unless it says its not.

So yesterday, I was in a rush to complete my costume for the Spider-Man: Homecoming advanced screening, and found the PERFECT TRENCH COAT online. The seller was a few minutes away from leaving town for a weekend trip, but she was kind enough to drop it off her condo’s reception area for me to have it picked up. Unfortunately, Grab Express was malfunctioning when I tried booking a rider. An error prompt, which says “Fare has changed” kept coming up every time I tried booking, but when you check the fare, it hasn’t changed at all! Frustrated and angry that this error is coming up at the worst time ever, I called the Grab customer support hotline, but they weren’t very helpful. I was told to wait an hour and try booking again, but they didn’t give me any guarantee that they can get it fixed. They also weren’t helpful enough to offer manually placing a request for one of their drivers/riders to pick up my package. So I had to resort to finding an alternative.

I Googled Transportify, remembering that this was highly recommended by some of my friends, but found that they didn’t have any motorcycle riders(?), so I assumed that it will be too expensive to book them for a simple delivery. One of the other search results that came up was Lalamove, and they offered a 100-peso discount for first-time users, so why not?

The sign-up process was challenging because they require verification through code input which they will send via SMS or via a phone call. It should be easy enough, right? I tried requesting for a code, but the time would run out even before I get the code! After a couple of tries, I finally got the code before the verification timed out on me, and I was able to access the booking screen.

The booking process was easy enough and very similar to Grab and Uber. You can also track the rider assigned to your delivery, including location, ETA, and status of delivery. The rider assigned to my package was kind enough to keep me updated via calls. I was surprised to know that it was also his first delivery with Lalamove, too!

Rates were reasonable as well. Grab Express’ (the one from door-to-door) delivery fee would have cost me about 167 pesos. Lalamove’s rate was 156 pesos. Applying the 100-peso discount, I only had to pay 56 pesos for my order yesterday.

Long story short, it’s good to know that there’s an alternative to Grab Express for same day delivery which offers slightly cheaper rates. Also, some Grab riders can be choosy, so if you’re in urgent need to have something delivered and can’t afford to wait, you can always check Lalamove. ;)

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