Countdown to #RoadToSablay

Fun fact: Even though I graduated from UP (from the College of Nursing – yes, I was a nurse) in 2010, I never got to graduate wearing a sablay. The dean and professors in our college frowned upon it for god knows what reason, and it has always been a frustration of mine. I think we were the only ones who weren’t allowed to march to our graduation with our sablay on. But because I’ll be starting my MBA in UP soon, I have another chance at graduating with my sablay, yay!

But that’s not for another three years or so.

Anyway, since I’ll be busy for the next three years, I figured that I might as well spend this next two weeks (classes start on July 13) doing what I probably won’t be able to do anymore when classes start. I mean, for sure I’ll be able to squeeze a few things in on my busy schedule, but there are some activities that I probably won’t enjoy doing as much when the thought of grades are looming in over my head. So here’s my bucket list of things to do before I start my MBA:

  1. Go to Taytay Night Market. YES this is on top of my list. I just went to our local market yesterday and saw so many stylish clothes that I know for a fact came from Taytay. For those who don’t know, Taytay is the source of most of the clothes being sold in your city markets, tiangges, online shops, and Divisoria, among many others. They have their night market on every Monday and Thursday, 6 pm until midnight. Clothes you see being sold online go for as low as 50 pesos in Taytay! So because this only happens on M0ndays and Thursdays, and I have classes every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, I should make it a point to go to Taytay before I start school.
  2. Go to Singapore! My last SG trip was memorable because I lost my phone and missed my flight back home. While I can still afford to miss my flights, I should hop on a plane and go somewhere fun.
  3. Play Ragnarok. pRO is back online and my friends and I have been playing since the Closed Beta Testing (CBT). I probably won’t be able to play anymore when the sem starts, and I’m just enjoying the time I have left.
  4. Cosplay. I just did yesterday at the advanced screening of Spider-Man: Homecoming. I couldn’t pass up on the chance to dress up while enjoying an early screening of Spider-Man, which I won’t be able to watch while I’m in Singapore.
  5. Finish my vision board. Just to keep me reminded of the things I want to achieve in the future.

And I’ll probably post more blogs these next few days. I love how not many people are reading my blog recently, and that I can just post whatever the hell I want. I think this is a great opportunity to start fresh and really focus on my experiences and what I’ve learned from them, and on the things that make me happy.

So graduation isn’t until 2020, but you can count on me to prepare for it from Day 1. This is a new chance to create a life I love, so I have to stay focused and work hard.-HANA

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