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Singapore Day 1

So two years after our uneventful first visit to Singapore, we made our way back again. This time, it’s for the Asian Scientist Writing Prize (more about that in the next blog post). This will probably be my last out-of-town trip this year, so I wanted to make the most of it. Not to mention, the fare, accommodation, and just about everything else in Singapore is costly! So I got down to work and planned our three-day itinerary.

Arrival: 12:29 AM

We took a cheap flight (thank you, Skyscanner!) w...

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REVIEW: Lalamove Delivery Service

Note: This isn’t sponsored. Nowadays, when you see a review by bloggers, you have to assume it’s sponsored unless it says its not.

So yesterday, I was in a rush to complete my costume for the Spider-Man: Homecoming advanced screening, and found the PERFECT TRENCH COAT online. The seller was a few minutes away from leaving town for a weekend trip, but she was kind enough to drop it off her condo’s reception area for me to have it picked up...

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Countdown to #RoadToSablay

Fun fact: Even though I graduated from UP (from the College of Nursing – yes, I was a nurse) in 2010, I never got to graduate wearing a sablay. The dean and professors in our college frowned upon it for god knows what reason, and it has always been a frustration of mine. I think we were the only ones who weren’t allowed to march to our graduation with our sablay on. But because I’ll be starting my MBA in UP soon, I have another chance at graduating with my sablay, yay!

But that’s not for another...

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