Why I Haven’t Been as Active Lately

Hello! I’m just posting to let you guys know that I am still very much alive, just busy with work and other stuff, and I wanted to post about something personal while I’m at it.

I guess I’ve been losing my drive to blog and vlog regularly for a number of reasons. It has come to a point wherein I have lost the will to post regularly on my Instagram feed. No, I’m not depressed. But here are some of the reasons why I’ve been inactive:

  1. I really was busy with life. May was a hectic month for me because I had to take pre-MBA workshops required for me to pass the qualifying exam. The rest of my free time I spent resting, but most days, I was in UP Diliman attending workshop classes. Even after the workshops and the qualifying exam, I felt like I had no right or freedom to enjoy until I know I passed for sure.
  2. Because I was busy, I couldn’t find the time to attend events or even make vlogs. Creating vlogs are time-consuming. I spend 2 hours filming and 3-4 hours editing, rendering, uploading, and fixing everything else. Because I wasn’t attending events, people weren’t inviting me anymore, and that’s okay. Blogging is not all about events, but events help provide bloggers with content.
  3. To some extent, I got tired of the curated life and the sponsored life. I didn’t want my blog to be a space for commercials and brand mentions, among other things that weren’t really me. I couldn’t keep up with the kids on Instagram who had picture-perfect feeds that really weren’t a reflection of their lives offline. I could do that, but it takes too much effort. Do you know how much time it takes to get that money shot people post on IG? So much time spent on doing makeup and posing, and postprocessing that could have been spent focusing on the moment, on the here and now. I wanted my feed to be real, but at the same time, when I’m about to post something that I really want to post, I’m held back by thoughts that whatever I want to post didn’t fit my feed. It wasn’t positive enough, or bright enough, or pretty enough. I know I contradict myself, but a part of me still wants to maintain a nice IG feed. And trying to decide between the two made my head hurt, so I just opted to not post anything. I still don’t understand how people maintain nice feeds.
  4. When it comes to vlogging, I’ve just gotten tired of it, I guess. Vloggers are trying to outdo each other every five minutes or so, trying to come up with something new and unique, to the point of absurdity. Apart from that, I am talentless AF =)) so I really had nothing to share with the world aside from myself and my random ramblings, and with the amount of content we people post online, would anyone really need more from me?
  5. So there. I miss writing and blogging and just typing until my hands hurt, but I don’t want to post anything sponsored or branded for the time being.

I guess I just want you guys to know that I’m fine, and how I’ll be moving towards making more personal posts. Just trying to keep it real.

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