First Look: Tsujiri Philippines’ Menu and Prices

Matcha lovers in the Philippines have been happily surprised by the recent opening of Japanese tea and matcha brand, Tsujiri, last April 27, 2017. Located at the second floor of S Maison in Pasay City, the 155-year old matcha giant hopes to bring their best-quality desserts and beverages that they are known for in Japan and in many parts of Southeast Asia. The first branch of the all-matcha cafe in the Philippines is currently on its soft opening, and is expected to launch other well-loved menu items in the coming weeks.

Tsujiri Sundae (Php 285)

During my visit, I ordered the Tsujiri Matcha Sundae (Php 285) and the Tsujiri Milk Float (Php 220). The Tsujiri Matcha Sundae comes in one size, and includes assorted treats like mochi balls, red bean paste, and toasted brown rice, and topped with a Cherry Blossom rice cracker. Honestly, I had high expectations of this since it was three of my favorite things in one lovely dessert: mochi, matcha, and red bean. However, the flavor of the toasted brown rice was a little too overpowering for me.

tsujiri philippines menu manila

Tsujiri Philippines’ Ice Blended Drinks, Floats, Sundaes, and Shaved Ice Desserts

The Shaved Ice is great for sharing. I’ve observed during my visit that it’s usually shared by couples, and the huge serving makes it extra challenging to finish their order!

tsujiri philippines menu manila

Tsujiri Latte Drinks Menu

tsujiri philippines menu manila

Tsujiri O-Matcha drinks

tsujiri philippines menu manila

Tea beverages at Tsujiri Philippines

tsujiri philippines s maison pasay city manila

Fans of matcha are already flocking and lining up for a taste of Tsujiri’s special matcha offers. They have limited seating, so best to come early, or anticipate waiting for an available seat.

There was a slight queueing confusion during my visit last Saturday. The line was already growing longer, and the service crew at the counter requested us to line up behind a cord, three meters away from the counter and the entrance, and next to the railing overlooking the first floor. We were told that we’d be called once we’re up. However, new guests did not immediately see the long line that was a bit too far from the counter, and proceeded to line up at the counter. To our surprise, the service crew forgot all about the long line of people she had requested to wait, so we had to call their attention (the service crew and the couple who didn’t see the long line) and pointed their attention towards the line. Hopefully, the management can move the cord closer to the counter so that new guests don’t miss it.

Check out the short video I made about Tsujiri Philippines on my channel!-HANA

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