A One-of-a-Kind Cooking Experience for Moms at Salu the Filipino Restaurant

During the past few weeks, I would catch myself thinking about how moms are amazing. It’s as if they can do anything, from cooking meals we all look forward to after a long day at work (or school!), to doing school projects, and even to being there for us when nothing seems to make sense. Moms are our personal wonder women, working without pay, tirelessly, out of sheer love for all of us.

This year’s Mother’s Day was a little different from the usual. Instead of celebrating with my mum, I took my aunt out with my cousin to Salu Filipino restaurant where we were treated to a sumptuous buffet, and witnessed the launch of an amazing new offer those looking for a new gastronomic experience would love.

Kare-Kareng Lechon

Salu launched their newest experience for mums and foodies called Luto Ni Nanay. It’s a celebration of the ‘Nanays ng Tahanan’ all over the country by bringing their well-loved dishes to Manila and providing moms an opportunity to learn how to cook the recipe themselves. Mr Romnick Sarmienta, actor and one-half of the amazing duo behind Salu says, “Whenever we eat out, Harlene would always wonder how the dishes that we ordered was cooked, thinking maybe she can cook it at home, too. So we thought, why not give the experience to the guests of Salu?”

Before lunch was served, we watched as the guest mommy made her way to the kitchen and donned her apron. From there, she was assisted by our kitchen chefs in cooking a special recipe. I think guests would not only love the idea of learning to cook new recipes, they would also jump at the opportunity to experience cooking in a professional kitchen, guided by veteran chefs.

For those already planning to avail this offer, dine-in guests could choose from three set menu – Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. These set menus represent dishes that originated from these island groups. Each set menu already contains a list of viands, rice, and single-served drinks. Moms (or willing guests) would be asked to cook at least two dishes inside the Salu Kitchen. To top it off, moms get to take home a hand-painted apron as a souvenir and a remembrance of the one-of-a-kind experience.

Price: Set meals range from 2,000 to 2,500, good for 5-7 pax. For those already rearing to try it out, don’t forget to call Salu’s hotline at 2821512 to reserve a slot for Luto Ni Nanay, or you may reach out to Salu via their Facebook page.-HANA

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