REVIEW: Mori Soba and Other Filling Meals at Nadai Fujisoba

The prices of ramen in many Japanese restaurants today make it hard to come back more frequently. I spend an average of Php 500 per meal when dining in ramen restaurants, and other Japanese restaurants that specialize in katsu or curry. While quite understandable because of the quality that these brands are known for, it’s a fact that the average spend in these restaurants make dining at Japanese restaurants a luxury instead of a habit. So when I discovered Nadai Fujisoba’s wallet-friendly menu, I was pleasantly surprised and knew I’d keep coming back for more.

Picture-perfect Japanese dishes at Nadai Fujisoba

Nadai Fujisoba is the oldest 24/7 Japanese soba restaurant which opened store in 1966 in Shibuya, Japan. They specialize in soba, or buckwheat noodles, which is a healthier noodle option. It contains thiamine (vitamin B1) which is not present in white rice, as well as eight essential amino acids not present in wheat flour. Soba is served either hot or cold. If you’ve always had your noodles hot, you have to try out Nadai Fujisoba’s mori soba (cold noodles)! Watch the video below and learn more about the proper way of eating mori soba:

Aka Fuji Soba (Php 280)

The Aka Fuji Soba has all the makings of a spectacular dish: sliced beef, red miso paste with chili, half-boiled egg, onion leeks, and wakame seaweed. It may look threateningly spicy in the photo, but in reality, it’s only mildly spicy. In fact, the extra kick from the chili lends an irresistible flavor to the dish. If you want something more filling, you can choose to trade the soba for the thicker udon noodles.

Niku Fuji Soba (Php 280)

Salmon Belly Donburi (Php 280)

Aside from the mori soba, which is my ultimate fave, and the aka fuji soba, the Salmon Belly Donburi is a top choice at Nadai Fujisoba. It has salmon belly, teriyaki sauce, mayo , ichimi chili powder, and onion leeks topping a hefty serving of rice. I could not be more satisfied with this!

Black Sesame Ice Cream (Php 100)

Of course, I couldn’t end this review without telling you about their desserts! Nadai Fujisoba has vanilla pudding and ice cream for dessert. During our visit, they didn’t have vanilla pudding, but they had the next best thing: Black sesame ice cream! At first, I just wanted matcha ice cream, but when I tried out their Black Sesame ice cream, it tasted so much like mochi. I couldn’t put down my spoon at all! For Php 100, you already get two scoops of their ice cream. It melts in your mouth and is just of the right amount of sweetness, making you look forward to your next spoonful.

I could not be happier with my visit at Nadai Fujisoba. Their menu items are reasonably priced, and more affordable than most Japanese restaurants in the metro. It makes me feel good to know that even if it’s not payday or a special occasion, I can always enjoy a cup of hot (or cold!) noodles at Nadai Fujisoba without breaking the bank.-HANA

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