Combat Skin Aging Round the Clock with Kojie.san’s Dreamwhite Line

What if I tell you that there’s a way to combat skin aging more effectively without requiring you to work harder?

The secret lies in boosting our skin’s regenerative process while you sleep. Our bodies need sleep in order to regenerate. Hence, sleep-deprived women who tend to work hard, party hard, and sleep less show early signs of skin aging. These include the skin looking sallow, and the appearance of undereye puffiness and dark circles. It gets worst over time as flaky skin, breakouts, enlarged pores, and a dull complexion fail to hide one’s lack of sufficient sleep. Eep!

There’s definitely no getting around the need for sleep, so don’t even try to negotiate. However, researchers at Kojie.san have found a solution to addressing premature aging. By giving the body a little helping hand in its skin-regenerating duties during nighttime, this helps maximize the benefits of getting 6 to 8 hours of snooze. Early intervention when it comes to skin aging is crucial, and this is the kind of intervention that you can do while you sleep. I know us women love multi-tasking, so the new DreamWhite line from Kojie.san is heaven-sent!

Kojie.san introduces us to a bedtime ritual that’s easy to follow: the B.E.D ritual:

  • BREATHE. Start by relaxing in a quiet and comfortable spot in the bedroom. Afterwards, proceed to cleanse and let the skin breathe by washing the face with DreamWhite Anti-Aging Soap. Then, rehydrate, whiten, and nourish with DreamWhite Anti-Aging Facial Toner with Collagen.
  • ENRICH: Revitalize the face and neck with the DreamWhite Anti-Aging Overnight Cream before going to bed to prepare the skin for a night of rejuvenation.
  • DREAM: Unplug from the world and turn off the lights. Tune out distractions to focus on recharging the mind and body with restful sleep.

But the DreamWhite B.E.D ritual doesn’t end when we wake up. It also offers women a chance to continuously fight premature skin aging round the clock with the DreamWhite Blemish Correcting Cream, and the DreamWhite Anti-Aging Cream with Sunscreen. The DreamWhite Blemish Correcting Cream might be a good alternative to BB and CC creams, especially because it has potent ingredients made for boosting skin regeneration through the day. On the other hand, the use of the Anti-aging Cream with sunscreen protects the skin from harmful effects of sun exposure. This eliminates the danger of harmful UV rays that might otherwise contribute to skin aging.

On top of targeting factors that influence skin aging, the entire line is also proven to whiten skin in just one week, and reduce wrinkles in just 14 days. Additional benefits also include improving skin moisture in 4-6 weeks, and noticeable changes in the skin’s smoothness in 2-6 weeks. This is a product line that’s an ultimate multi-tasker!

All the products included in the Kojie.san DreamWhite line are hypoallergenic, save for the Anti-aging soap. Make sure to check for any skin reactions in an abundance of precaution!

At the moment, I’m using the Anti-Aging overnight cream and the Anti-Aging Cream with Sunscreen, and I’m lovin’ it! Excited to see the benefits of continued use of the DreamWhite line, and finally put aging to bed with Kojie.san!-HANA

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