REVIEW: L’Oreal Rouge Magique Lipstick Collection by Color Riche

L’Oreal Paris gives us 15 more reasons to love matte lipsticks with the release of their newest and most intense matte lipstick collection, the L’Oreal Color Riche Rouge Magique. Composed of 9 lovely shads of nudes and 6 vibrant darks, these lippies will surely be a staple in any girl’s kikay kit!

From my experience swatching all fifteen lippies in one go, these are the top three reasons why the Rouge Magique will be your lips’ next BFF:

1. One Swipe Intense Matte. And when they say intense, they mean it! I’m usually able to remove most matte lipsticks with my trusted baby wipes, but this one resisted. I had to use makeup remover and wipes, and soap, to clean up the swatches I made on my arm. It’s also very pigmented and ultra-saturated, minimizing the need to reapply every few hours. The formulation of the lipstick makes it so that it glides effortlessly on lips! I was surprised when I experienced this myself, as most matte lipsticks are dry and difficult to apply.

Loreal color riche rouge magique the fort swatch

L’Oreal Rouge Magique in The Fort

2. Fresh-from-the-runway shades. All the shades are fashionably wearable, be it for the corporate chic who hustles by day, or the party girl who plays hard at night. Classy and sophisticated, these shades are ideal for modern Filipinas who are going for a stylish yet wearable look. The vibrant dark heads will definitely get you turning heads in just one swipe. Check out these swatches of the NUDES and the DARKS.

loreal color riche rouge magique

L’Oreal Rouge Magique in Miss Chocolate

3. Shades that complement morena skin tones. Many of us Filipinas are born with the beautiful morena skin tone. Despite this, finding lipstick shades that work with our beautiful glow sometimes prove to be a tall order. With shades in the collection like Miss Chocolate and Plum Melody, proud morenas can rock nudes and darks with ease.

Super pigmented lipsticks with a powdery matte finish.

Can’t decide yet which shade to get? Check out my vlog presenting the lip swatches of all fifteen shades!

Personally, my fave shades are Miss Chocolate, Purple Comtesse, and The Fort. Yep, all the nice, dark shades! Were you even surprised? ;)-HANA

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