REVIEW: False Eyeliner??? Eyeliner Sticker Tapes are here!

The truth is, not everyone is gifted with a steady hand required to apply that perfectly winged liner. As for myself, I wish I could apply eyeliner every day, but it’s too time-consuming, which is why I choose to forego the eyeliner when I do my makeup. There has been more than one occasion when I wished for a faster way to line my eyes. So when I discovered eyeliner sticker tapes, I just knew I had to buy a pack for myself and try it out! Who knows, maybe I would never need to mess up my liner ever again with these!

Price: I was lucky enough to buy this from a blogger acquaintance for Php 350 for 20 pairs. I have to check where this specific brand of eyeliner sticker tapes can be bought here in Manila. However, I found that Lazada has merchants selling eyeliner sticker tapes for Php 427.50 for 80 pairs! That’s significantly cheaper than mine.

I jumped right in to applying the eyeliner stickers even before reading the manual. You’ll find in my video that I didn’t use the applicator to remove the stickers from the plastic sheet (which I should have, eep!) Application could have been way easier if I had. Nevertheless, I was successfully able to apply it with my bare hands. Application time took two to three minutes max.

I noticed a few white specks on the edges of my stickers upon application. To remedy this, I decided to cover them up with good old liquid eyeliner. It was easy enough to cover up.

Another issue I encountered was the feeling of heaviness on my lids. You can really feel the stickers weighing your lids down when you wear them. This made me feel really conscious about them, worried that the edges might detach from my lid.

Other than that, it sometimes looks natural on cam, but in person, it easily gives away its true nature.

Would I recommend it? All things considered, the eyeliner sticker tapes are a great way to “apply eyeliner” without hassle! This is especially recommended for people who have a hard time applying eyeliner. Whether you’re just inept with eyeliner application, or you want to save time, this is perfect for you.-HANA

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