HOW TO: Hide Eyebags and Puffy Eyes in 3 Steps

Let’s face it: we all indulge in the occasional all-nighters and sleeping less than the prescribed amount from time to time. And while that’s definitely okay when done sparingly, your undereye area betrays you way too often with dark circles and puffiness that just screams for attention. If you’re part of the LP squad (read: Laging Puyat), then you have to know these three easy steps to banish your dark secrets. These are temporary fixes, though, but it gets the job done!

1. Your most inexpensive tool against dark circles and bruising? A cold spoon. Keep a cold spoon in the fridge for at least fifteen minutes, the apply it against your eyes until warm. If you have used tea bags, especially tea infused with caffeine, you may also use these to lighten dark undereye circles. By applying the tea bags on your undereye area for 15-30 minutes, the caffeine works on shrinking blood vessels around the eye area, which in turn minimizes the puffiness and dark circles.

2. Undereye balms help reduce puffiness. Look like you gained a couple more hours of sleep by applying topical creams and undereye balms that minimizes swelling in the area around the eyes.

3. Use a color-correcting wheel to neutralize bluish and purplish tones under your eyes. Genetics is often a factor in having discolored undereye areas. And while we’re not all blessed with great genes, there’s always a way to keep the dark side at bay. If you’re new to the concept of color correcting, it’s a simple method of neutralizing colors using a complementary color in the color wheel.

Orange color corrector in action

So if you’re looking to neutralize the redness of pimple, you’d use a concealer with a green hue, or a green color corrector. For bluish eyebags, using a pinkish or orange color corrector usually works best. For discoloration leaning towards being purple in color, a yellow-orange corrector shade would do the trick.

Happy Skin’s Eye Need a Miracle is a color corrector with pinkish tones that helps conceal minor flaws to major discolorations.

My personal favorite is the Graftobian Corrector Wheel, which costs around Php 1200 via online makeup stores.

If all else fails? There’s always glitter. ;)

Make it loud and spread glitter all around.

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