The 5 Best Instagram Online Shops For Your Mid-Heels Fix

Ladies have finally started saying NO to the pain of wearing four-inch heels and have started giving up their torturous stilettos for the practical and fashionable mid-heels. Mid-heels are a pair of heels with a heel height of about 2-2.5 inches, allowing ladies to walk comfortably without having to sacrifice style. It has become my own personal obsession to find the best shops for them mid-heels, and here are my discoveries:

1. Hue Manila. Hue Manila has the widest selection of mid-heels out of all the online shops I’ve encountered. Price range for a pair is around 900 pesos. It doesn’t hurt that they all look so comfy to walk in, too!

Hue Devan

Hue Georgina

Style: Hue Yana

2. Strut. I love how Strut manages to make high heels look so easy to wear! Compared to the other stores in the list, Strut promises just the perfect amount of heel height for an effortlessly chic look. I have yet to see a synthetic leather pair from Strut as most of their pieces are made with a suede material. They have pairs with a heel height of 3.5 to 4 inches, which suits girls looking for that extra boost in height ;)

Strut in Estelle

Strut in Yvonne

3. Girls’ Haven. Whether it’s for another day in the office or a special date night, these lovely pieces from Girls’ Haven have you covered. Isn’t the blushed pink pair just adorable?

Donna Mid-Heels from Girls’ Haven

Bailey in Nude

4. Erin by Etsy. Erin by Etsy offers a little something different with its stylish pairs marked with tassels, studs, and even holographic heels! It’s Valentino-inspired Stella studded heels is my favorite. I have been eyeing the pair for the longest time now! A close second would be their Dawn holographic mid-heels in nude-pink and their Charm glitter heels in nude.

Rock the Erin by Etsy Stella in Nude

These holographic heels from Erin by Etsy steals the scene at any party.

5. Tutum Shop. Mid-heels from Tutum are made for walking and traveling. They’re light-weight, too! A pair costs around 900-1000 pesos.

Tutum Hermy in Black

Tutum Kenzo (top) and Kilian (bottom) in nude. Kenzo has a heel-height of 3-3.5 inches, while Kilian’s heel height is 2-2.5 inches.

Liked any of these pairs? Then start shopping for these elegant pieces and make ’em a wardrobe staple! After all, nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy.-HANA

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