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REVIEW: L’Oreal Color Riche Gold Obsession Collection

When metallic lipsticks came into the scene again last year, I wasn’t sold. And even when Colourpop and Colourette were really making it easy to own a metallic lippie by dropping their prices really low for these, I still couldn’t bring myself to find it appealing. It was just too loud and shiny, and a bit tacky for my taste. I didn’t want to walk around looking like I ate lechon and had greasy lips left to tell the truth.

So when I received this in my mail, I was kind of skeptical at first...

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5 Pastel Pink Sneakers for Pastel Lovers

Pastel pink shoes philippines

Heads up, sneaker heads! Pastel pink is the trending color for trainers and sneakers of every material. Be it leather or canvas, the blushed pink fever is making these pairs fly off the shelves. These sneakers have converted me from the wedges and heels-lovin’ girl that I am to someone who would opt for her sneakers for work! I have been on the lookout for the best sneakers and trainers in this unapologetic nude shade, and here are the best ones I’ve seen so far:

Pastel pink shoes sneakers philippines

1. Bershka Leather Sneakers (...

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EVENT: Penshoppe Summer Destination + Grand Capital Launch

Have you been to UP Town Center lately? If you haven’t yet, you’re missing out on the newly opened Penshoppe store at level 1 of Phase 2 (the new phase!) of UP Town. The Penshoppe Grand Capital is Penshoppe’s newest flagship store, and is probably the biggest I’ve seen thus far. Let me tour you around:

The Grand Capital store will definitely be the newest summer destination for the best fashion finds in the metro...

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IN PHOTOS: Yepunonnie K-Beauty Event

I don’t have a lot to say about this event. The organizers were terrible hosts, and the only reason I’m posting this is so that I would feel that I didn’t waste an evening and uber fare for nil. I am happy to have spent the night with my friends, though! I met new ones, too, and we spent the night at Sweet Ecstasy, trying to makeup for the sorry event that this turned out to be.

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