Turning Playtime ON with OFF! Lotion

If there’s one thing the Philippines was known for being champ, it’s having the first ever recorded dengue epidemic on the world. This isn’t exactly anything to be proud of, and even in more recent years, we have been consistently on the top 10 countries harboring the highest number of dengue cases worldwide. This would explain just how much mothers are overprotective with their children when it comes to mosquito bites during outdoor playtime.

Small but terrible

The concern, however, is not limited to moms! As someone who has had a family member fall ill to dengue in the past, the threat of dengue is very real. We experience it daily — It’s in our backyard, inside our homes, and follows us even as we sleep. But it’s not just the burden of the hospitalization and the whole experience on the family. It’s the guilt that comes with the fact that dengue is preventable. The Dengue virus is borne by the female Aedes Aegypti and is transmitted through mosquito bites. Another virus carried by this specific species of mosquitoes that is less harmful than dengue but just as alarming is the Chikungunya virus. For something so small to be able to cause epidemic and outbreaks all over the world is so difficult to accept.

So I have two cousins at home. James, 18, acquired dengue a few years back. His sister, KC, 13, is still in elementary school. Just like her friends her age, she goes to school early in the morning, spends about eight or more hours at school, and comes home at around 3 PM. On her free time, she invites her friends over to play outside, where there’s more space. To make sure we’ve done everything we can to prevent KC from getting bitten by mosquitoes, we use OFF! Lotion to keep her protected.

First agenda every morning, even if I have gulo-gulo hair: don’t let KC go out without OFF! Lotion

I can’t express the kind of change we felt once we started using OFF! Lotion, so let me share with you a couple of photos that illustrate this. Can I interest you in a little game of Spot the Difference?

Can you spot the difference? #1

Protective clothing

As an overprotective family, we want to make sure everything’s covered. Literally. Before, when KC heads out to play, we have her covered from the neck down in a jacket and pair of pants. Now, with the use of OFF! Lotion, KC is free to wear whatever she wants outdoors, be it her favorite sleeveless top, or a pair of shorts in this humid, tropical weather.

Can you spot the difference? #2

In the past, more often than not, we plead with KC to play indoors. The truth is, having her stay indoors doesn’t guarantee that she won’t get bitten by mosquitoes. Now after a month of using OFF!, we started feeling that we can rest easy, whether KC chooses to play inside or outside the house.

Can you spot the difference? #3

Before, every fever is a cause for panic and restlessness in the family. We’re lucky that none of us has acquired dengue after the last attack. However, the relief is almost always followed by the worry that never left us, that one day, it might just get us again. Now, we’re more calm and relaxed when any of the family member gets a fever, knowing that we did what we can to prevent the big one.

The fear of dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases is just one of the many things we share as a family. We’ll never really be able to tell just how many mosquito bites using OFF! lotion prevented, but the peace of mind that came with using it? Priceless.-HANA

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