REVIEW: Mauve Hair by Azta Urban Salon

Last December 27, just a day after the long Christmas break started, I visited Azta for another hair coloring session. It’s always fun to have my hair colored at Azta. I had pink hair then, and the roots were already getting too long for comfort. For that particular hair coloring session, we chose to go with the Mauve hair color, a newly introduced color in their Funky Shades line.

To be honest, I was really scared to try it out. I loved my pink hair. Mauve just seemed too dark for my personality. I remember telling people about how your hair color can influence your aura and your mood, and it was just really hard to give up pink hair after wishing for it for so long, and having it for only three months.

Since my hair color was already light enough, the creative team over at Azta didn’t need to bleach my hair anymore. They just treated my hair with Olaplex for a good thirty minutes, and moved on to applying the dye on my hair. In just a matter of minutes, you can already see the faded pink turn into purple.

It was really only after they had rinsed off the dye that I began to see the actual color. In person, mauve is a dusty old rose kind of color. On my hair, it starts dark on the top half, and turns ashy at the ends (since originally, the ends of my hair were dyed ash in my last coloring session.) Do I like it? It’s a nice shade of purple that isn’t too vibrant and has a high chance of fading into a light pink shade that I like. What’s not to love?

Unfortunately, my choice of outfits in this set of photos gives me an emo look, all things considered. I do like that it hides my growing black roots because it’s not too light. This means I can hold off on the bleaching for a little longer.

The Mauve hair color is just one of four newly launched shades included in Azta Urban Salon’s Funky Shades Line. If you’re looking for a spankin’ new hair color, then mauve, or any of their wild funky shades, might be for you. Check out Azta Urban Salon over on Facebook.

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