REVIEW: Pi Breakfast and Pies (The Grove, Pasig)

pi breakfast and pies the grove rockwell pasig

So it dawned on me that I’ve never blogged about one of my favorite all-day breakfast places, Pi Breakfast and Pies. I just discovered this from a co-worker’s post, and seeing a photo of their picture-perfect Eggs Benedict made me just want to visit right then and there. This was way back in April. I have been dropping by occasionally since for random weekend dates, team lunches, and for days that require a good pick-me-up cake. Here are some of the things that keep me coming back for more at Pi Breakfast and Pies:


pi breakfast and pies the grove rockwell pasig

Caramelized Spam (Php 265)

No one enjoys eating canned goods, but the appeal of the caramelized spam is strong on me. This dish is a hefty serving of rice topped with cubed sweet spam, kimchi, and a 5-minute egg. The 5-minute egg’s yolk oozes effortlessly when you pierce slightly through it with your fork. It’s soft-boiled on the inside, but has been boiled enough to keep its shape until you decide you want the gooey yellow yolk all over your rice. This is my go-to main dish, especially when I want something nice and familiar.

pi breakfast and pies the grove rockwell pasig

Chicken Silog (Php 275)

The Chicken Silog is Pi Breakfast and Pies’ take on the Pinoy-style crispy fried chicken. This one’s super sulit because it has two eggs, and two chicken parts– leg and thigh! I didn’t have much expectation from this, but I found it to be delicious and extremely filling. I would go as far as saying that this beats Kettle’s chicken, hands down.

pi breakfast and pies the grove rockwell pasig

Bacon Mac and Cheese (Php 225)

I discovered the Bacon Mac and Cheese only later this year, because I usually ordered the Caramelized Spam and never bothered to look at the other items. This is actually one of their cheaper items, yet this was big enough for sharing! It had melted mozarella and grated cheddar cheese all over, which makes this a delightful dish for anyone who loves cheese. It totally helped that they were also generous with their crumbled bacon serving.

pi breakfast and pies the grove rockwell pasig

Banana Cream Pie (Php 700/ whole and Php 125/slice)

Of course, you can’t eat at Pi Breakfast and Pies without having one of their delectable pies! I had the Banana Cream Pie because I love bananas, and the other choices seemed too sweet. It turned out to be a good choice! The Banana Cream Pie had just the right amount of cream and sweetness to cap my meal.

pi breakfast and pies the grove rockwell pasig

Queso de Bola Ensaymada (Php 45/piece)

I also love the taste of queso de bola, so when I found out that they have Queso de Bola Ensaymada, I didn’t think twice about ordering. The saltiness of the queso de bola complementing the sweetness of the mamon makes this a great snack any time of the day.

Wifi: None

Power Outlets: None

There you have it! These five menu items from Pi Breakfast and Pies are the five I highly recommend. I’m excited to discover more breakfast dishes to love. Try catching breakfast at Pi B&P when they open at 7 AM!-HANA

Pi Breakfast and Pies
The Grove by Rockwell, C5 Pasig
Contact Number: +632 535 2108

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