REVIEW: Bing Seoul – Number 1 Korean Dessert

bing seoul bing su korean dessert manila sm hypermarket pasig

There’s a new dessert place at SM Hypermarket, which is just right across our office. It’s called Bing Seoul, and it specializes on the shaved ice Korean dessert called Bing Su. For those who are not familiar with Bing su, Bing Su is very alike the Filipino halo-halo, only with less toppings. While the Pinoys like to liberally add toppings to their shaved ice dessert, the Koreans keep it simple with three or four toppings at the most.

bing seoul bing su korean dessert manila sm hypermarket pasig

Bing Seoul is a small stall located in between Hanako and the supermarket. What caught our attention is that it’s incredibly cheap because of their Buy One, Take One promo. For only Php 99, you can have two regular cups, and you can even mix and match flavors. Their flavors include the Korean Red Bean, Corn flakes, Injeolmi, Double Chocolate, and Strawberry. With the exception of the Strawberry Bing Su, all of their variants are priced 99 pesos for two cups. The Strawberry Bing Su, on the other hand, is Php 120.

bing seoul bing su korean dessert manila sm hypermarket pasig

The shaved ice is made with pure fresh milk turned into snow. They use a special plastic cup with a wider rim to serve the dessert. I usually order the Injeolmi, which is topped with four cubes of Korean rice cakes (called mochi cakes), soy bean powder, condensed milk, and sliced roasted almonds.

bing seoul bing su korean dessert manila sm hypermarket pasig

Adding condensed milk

bing seoul bing su korean dessert manila sm hypermarket pasig

Chewy mochi cakes <3

I find that for only Php 99 for two cups (or 50 pesos for one cup) this is a great alternative to the usual Jollibee or McDonald’s sundae. The shaved ice is made out of fresh milk, which melts in your mouth, so you don’t feel like you’re snacking on ice. The mochi cakes give you something to chew on, even though there are only four pieces included in every cup. The roasted almonds I didn’t like so much, but if you enjoy nuts in your dessert, you’ll appreciate this since they add plenty.

The other variants are also worth trying, although I haven’t tried any of the others yet. I must have liked Injeolmi so much to keep ordering that after my first and second time! However, upon researching the branch, I found that the other branches have released other noteworthy flavors, such as Koko Krunch Bing su, Chocolate Fudge brownie, Bing su, and Mango Graham Bing su. Bing Seoul SM Las Pinas’ page also hints at launching a matcha-flavored bing su in 2017! At the moment, SM Hypermarket Pasig only has five flavors, so I do hope they launch the other flavors soon!

What about you? What’s your favorite bing su flavor at Bing Seoul?-HANA

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  • Jinky Pellarada  says:

    helow hana..i am so much happy to see your blog. Seeing my very serious face doing bing su, haha thank you for blogging, and thank you for liking our product.

    jinky pellarada

  • Aira jane leyva  says:

    Hi how to franchise please ? Im interested please pm mo

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