Pink Hair, Finally!

AHHHH! I can’t believe that after five long years of wanting pink hair, I FINALLY HAVE IT! And it’s every bit gorg as I imagined it to be! I am super happy to have finally fulfilled this dream, and I do want to share this story with you guys, especially for those who want to dye their tresses pink <3

I got my hair done at Azta Urban Salon, a salon here in Metro Manila that does fabulous funky shades. I’ve been stalking their page for the longest time, and envying all the girls with beautifully fierce hairstyles. So I went to the salon last October 31, and I consulted their Creative Director, Jo Tubato, for this hair color. They were quick to manage my expectations, since my hair has been pretty damaged from all the bleaching it has gone through this past two years, but they still made it happen. We split the session into two, because I spent seven hours on the first day just for bleaching my hair. SEVEN HOURS. HOLY I HAVEN’T SPENT THAT MUCH TIME IN A SALON LIKE EVER.

But on the second day, I spent ANOTHER SEVEN HOURS just for removing the blue hair color off my hair, and for dyeing my hair pink. The thing with their pink dye is it’s not as tame as you’d expect it to be at first. I admit that I didn’t like it for the first week because it was too bright, and was not close to the vision I had in mind.

Pink hair too bright

After a few washes, the color became exactly the hair color that I want! I love that instead of giving me a full pink head color change, they transformed what used to be my blue hair into an ash blonde and gray color. Some of the blue was not completely removed, so when it mixed with the ash blonde, it turned into lilac, and it was a beautiful accident of sorts.

I wish I can keep my hair pink forever, but the roots have started to grow, and the pink has started to fade. I don’t know how much longer I can keep up bleaching my hair. The only thing that allowed Azta to bleach my hair for this pink hair color was their olaplex treatment, and they had to use tons of it to protect my hair from getting more damaged than it already is!

Honestly, I don’t think I can ever give up on my hair goals. I still have so many on my list that I want to achieve before I finally go back to tamer colors like browns. Thank you, Azta Urban Salon, for making my ultimate hair goal come true <3 You guys are the best!-HANA

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