2016 In Review

While most people spend their time meditating and planning during the last few days of the year as a form of reflection, I choose to write my year-end essay. It’s something I always look forward to before the year ends, to help me remember the good things that happened as the year comes to an end, and start the new year with gratitude and positivity in my heart.

Some of the highlights of my year were spent with teammates, people I consider friends now. I don’t know if they consider me as a friend, but I do consider them as one of the closest people to me.

1. Getting promoted. The year started with me getting promoted from Assistant Team Leader to Team Leader. It came with additional responsibilities, but I had an amazing team behind me. Work never felt like work when you have great people to work with. Unfortunately, with the position comes the responsibility of having to work with people who you don’t always agree with, and people with different work ethic. I think this year really challenged me in this aspect, and helped me stretch and test my patience :)

2. Year of cosplay and dress up. I was given the chance to dress up more frequently this year than in the previous year :D From Team Leader Candela to Princess Serenity, as well as one of my favorite SNSD group outfits of all time, the military outfit they rocked in their Genie video. Thanks to my Instagram husband and forever partner in crime, I was able to make this happen (mostly he did all the heavy work with the props, eep. I am so ashamed to call myself a cosplayer)

2016 Hair Evolution

3. Year of amazing hair. I was chosen to become a brand ambassador for Azta Urban Salon last February. While representing Azta is already an accomplishment in itself, it came with amazing perks like free hair treatments and free coloring services — which is just the BEST PERK EVER. I have changed my hair color this year a total of five times – ash blonde ombre, yellow gold and purple, yellow gold and blue, pink and ash, and my most recent one yet, mauve! Thank you to Azta Urban Salon for making all my hair goals possible!

4. Year of weight loss. I lost some weight this year! 4 kgs to be exact, with little exercise. Personally, this comes as a surprise, especially because I’ve been lifting weights to tone my arms, so I was slightly expecting to put in more weight. I discussed my weight loss practices in more detail here.

5. Year of winning blogging contests. I won the Oppo Blogging contest, and the Electrolux Holiday contest, as well as the Cyma Eat Greek for a Year contest this year!

6. Year of binge-watching so many TV series! Netflix’s Daredevil Season 2, Luke Cage, Stranger Things, GOT Season 7, How to Get Away with Murder, I-Zombie, finishing all seasons of House, watching Suits, House of Cards, White Collar, Dexter, and just recently started on Lie To Me. It was a great year for my inner couch potato.

7. Year of pushing my limits. I know I said I wouldn’t spread myself too thin this year, but I think the workaholic me just refuses to relax. I’m very thankful for all the blogging opportunities and freelance one-offs that came my way, and I’m certainly praying that 2017 will bring more of it!

Overall, 2016 was a good year for me, so good that I feel terrible because everyone keeps saying it’s the worst! I think I just learned to compartmentalize better and focus on the good things instead of the bad. Also, I like to keep myself busy and productive, so there’s always something good for every couple of bad, and that to me trumps all the crappy experiences I’ve had this year. To some extent, 2017 terrifies me. I have big plans but no knowledge of what’s coming in 2017. All I know is that I have the perseverance to beat the odds and the courage and vision to manifest amazing things in my life, whatever I put my mind to.

My power word for 2017 is FAST-TRACK. I will work even harder next year to get to that place in life where I want to be. I will stay focused, but will remember to keep it fun! Here’s to hoping 2017 will be a wonderfully breathtaking year for all of us. Cheers!-HANA

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