REVIEW: Raclette Manila (POP Kitchen, Rockwell Powerplant Mall)

Doesn’t everything just taste better with cheese? I think so, too. So when Raclette Manila started its cheese scraping spree at Rockwell Powerplant Mall’s POP Kitchen, I knew I had to try it! After all, they were only going to be there for a month, I might as well make sure not to miss it!

Of course, I found that there were other cheese scrapers in the metro aside from Raclette Manila. It just so happened that Raclette Manila was the first store that introduced the Swiss dish to me, so I never really looked into trying the others out. Plus, they make melted cheese look so appealing T_T

We arrived at POP Kitchen at around 4 PM. It took us a while to find POP Kitchen (and I don’t know the mall well enough to point you in the right direction!) so make sure to ask the mall guards for directions! If I’m not mistaken, it’s on the ground floor near Crepes and Creme, just beside POP Retail Lab.

So when we got there, there were three or four people ahead of us. This gave us some time to decide on what we wanted to order. We originally wanted a raclette charcuterie (small – Php 225, large – Php 395) because of the prosciutto. When it was our time to order, the woman at the cashier informed us that they have ran out of prosciutto T_T and we had to settle for the raclette ala patate (small – Php 185, large – Php 365) This was at 4 PM!

We were lucky though, because it seemed like they ran out of a few other ingredients, and we were one of the last few customers who were able to order. The thing is, Powerplant isn’t near Pasig, and there’s nothing else really that’s in Powerplant that isn’t in any other mall closer to our place, so we really planned to go to Powerplant just for Raclette Manila. It would have sucked if we had arrived a few minutes later than we did.

For 180 pesos, this doesn’t look too appealing

The raclette ala patate consists of only bread, baby potatoes, and cornichons. When you think about it, it doesn’t look like much.

And then the magic happened:


Sweet Cheeses! #Raclette #racletteMNL #RacletteManila

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Glorious. Still brings tears to my eyes.

So how did it taste?

It wasn’t exceptional. I thought to myself that I can do this at home, since it’s just a bunch of potatoes, a slice of bread, some cornichons (which I don’t know where to buy), and a heavy layer of melted cheese (hello, Quikmelt). I found the cheese tasting saltier as it cools, and had to rely on the pepper to neutralize the flavor. I didn’t think it was a waste of money, since I love trying everything at least once, and this is it. This would probably be my first and last time at Raclette Manila.

For the record, the taste was okay. It wasn’t bad. It’s just that, I wouldn’t pay good money for it again.I would encourage my friends (and you, dear reader) to try this out, at least once! Try it for the experience of cheese scraping happening right before your very eyes. The partially melted cheese skillfully being scraped off and making its way on top of your meal. It’s magical. It makes you wonder what other dishes would benefit from cheese scraping. ;)

Good news for those who haven’t tried it yet — due to insistent public demand, Raclette Manila will remain at POP Kitchen in Rockwell until the end of the year! Catch them while they’re still there!-HANA

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