REVIEW: Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimp House

In today’s episode of Hana Tries Everything Once, I went ahead and tried out Poke Bowls from Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimp House. Pokebowls (not to be confused with the ones you use for catching Pokemon), or deconstructed sushi as I call it, are wildly popular in Hawaii and has been so for centuries! I don’t know why we’re only discovering it now, but I’m glad some restaurants are offering it.

The word “poke” (pronounced as poh-keh or poh-kay) is a Hawaiian word which means “to cut crosswise into pieces.” This is exactly what it is– it’s cubed raw fish, like salmon or tuna, seasoned and served over rice. You can think of it as deconstructed sushi, or think of it as another way to spruce up an otherwise boring salad, when it’s served over greens instead of rice. Either way, it’s healthy and flavorful!

If I’m not mistaken, I ordered the Special Seafood Poke bowl over white rice. Pro-tip: you can choose to have it changed to brown rice if you want a healthier alternative. It took ten to fifteen minutes before our bowls were served, but it took me only five to down everything. I know, I must be real hungry after seven hours at the salon, or the serving size was just disappointingly small for Php 360. However, the ingredients tasted very fresh, and it wasn’t malansa. I did need help from the vinegar and the sriracha to amp up the flavor, as the rice was a little dry. If it had some type of soy sauce, wasabi sauce, or mayo dressing to make it extra flavorful and easier to swallow, I would not have needed to drizzle vinegar all over it. I do get that it’s the healthier choice, though!

The dining experience was so mediocre that I struggle to even remember what drink this was! I did like it though, it was tasty and the staff served it warm upon my request to help relieve my sore throat.

Key takeaway from the experience: I recommend you guys try the poke bowls once, and if you like it, just prepare one for yourself at home. That way, you can add more toppings and seasonings of your choice. Poke bowls seem like a good idea to serve at parties because guests can choose the toppings that they like and customize their bowls just the way they want.

I probably won’t be visiting Johnny Kahuku anytime for their poke bowls, but I’m definitely looking forward to their other dishes that comprise their Hawaiian cuisine-filled menu.-HANA

PS: Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimp House offers a 10% discount when you present a screenshot of a Pokemon sighted during your visit ;) If you’re planning to visit anytime soon, make sure to ask about the discount and keep your Pokemon Go app ready.

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