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EVENT: Arrowland by Gandiva Opens At SM Megamall

Have you always wanted to learn archery, or pull back a bowstring and shoot an arrow as fiercely as several iconic archers in books, films, and TV series? Then you’re going to want to read on to learn more about the newest archery range in the metro — Arrowland by Gandiva.

Members of the Philippine Barebow Archers Association takes on the bottle cap challenge.

Arrowland officially opened to the public at the fifth floor of the Mega Fashion Hall last November 12, 2016...

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REVIEW: Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimp House

In today’s episode of Hana Tries Everything Once, I went ahead and tried out Poke Bowls from Johnny Kahuku’s Hawaiian Shrimp House. Pokebowls (not to be confused with the ones you use for catching Pokemon), or deconstructed sushi as I call it, are wildly popular in Hawaii and has been so for centuries! I don’t know why we’re only discovering it now, but I’m glad some restaurants are offering it.

The word “poke” (pronounced as poh-keh or poh-kay) is a Hawaiian word which means “to cut crosswise...

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EVENT: Beyond the Box x iPhone 7 Midnight Launch

We know how crazy the lines can get in anticipation for the newest iPhone models — we’ve seen it year after year. This year, it was different, as we saw firsthand how people waited in line for three hours (or more!) just to get their hands on the iPhone 7, the latest iPhone model, during the Midnight Launch event at Beyond the Box Resorts World Manila.

It comes as no surprise that people flocked to Beyond the Box, at midnight no less, to be one of the first owners of the iPhone 7 and the iPhon...

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REVIEW: Tokyo Tokyo Makirrito

tokyo tokyo makirrito sushi burrito

So remember how I left Nori utterly disappointed with their Sushi Burrito? Well, I didn’t regret that one too much, because I like to try everything at least once. At least I learned early not to come back. I almost lost faith in the concept of the sushirrito until Tokyo Tokyo came up with something similar but not quite: the Tokyo Tokyo Makirrito.

tokyo tokyo makirrito sushi burrito

It’s a third of the price of a sushirrito at Nori, and has two variants: The Samurai Karaage (Php 100), and the California Kani (Php 100)...

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How to Cheer Up an ESTP

So I’m writing this today, today out of all days when I’m depressed and I feel like despair is eating me alive. Right now, I don’t feel like I’m in control of my life, and I hate it. I’ve tried to keep my options open, and try to do as many things as I can, only to realize that I am spreading myself way too thin, and now, I don’t feel in control. If you know an ESTP like me, this is VERY! IMPORTANT! ESTPs are not going to wait for the next good thing to happen in their lives, because they don’...

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REVIEW: Hanako Japanese Restaurant (SM Hypermarket, Pasig)

hanako japanese restaurant pasig

I’ve been feeling under the weather for the past two months (like really sick – I had to go to the doctor after spiking a fever, and take prescribed antibiotics for a week) which is why I haven’t been as active these past few weeks...

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REVIEW: Raclette Manila (POP Kitchen, Rockwell Powerplant Mall)

Doesn’t everything just taste better with cheese? I think so, too. So when Raclette Manila started its cheese scraping spree at Rockwell Powerplant Mall’s POP Kitchen, I knew I had to try it! After all, they were only going to be there for a month, I might as well make sure not to miss it!

Of course, I found that there were other cheese scrapers in the metro aside from Raclette Manila...

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Jing Monis Salon x Wella

Last month, I was invited to Kaye Abad’s bridal shower by Jing Monis Salon. I didn’t know Kaye personally, but I welcomed the opportunity to meet her on her special day, and learn about what the salon has to offer. Here’s what happened:

Kaye’s bridal shower was held at Salon Privat in Bonifacio Global City...

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