REVIEW: Gringo – Chicken and Ribs (Bonifacio Global City, Taguig)

latin american restaurant manila

This wasn’t my first try of Gringo’s Chicken and Ribs. Back in April this year, Gringo sent me a box of their bestselling ribs and chicken, and while they were all finger-lickin’ delicious, the quality and the experience was just not the same with dining in-store. I decided to finally go last month and treat myself to a nice, heavy meal that would make up for all the months I put off going to Gringo.

latin american restaurant manila

The word Gringo in Latin America means “foreigner,” but the masterminds behind the restaurant had a different definition in mind for it, saying that Gringo was inspired by the “kind of friend we all wish we have who hosts and serves the best of potluck dishes.” Gringo serves South American dishes known for their burst of flavor with every bite.

I wish I had more photos of the restaurant to show you, but during my visit to Gringo at 2 pm on a Saturday, I was famished after only having a cup of coffee in the morning. I ordered a half-slab of ribs with two sides, Macaroni Salad and Mexican Rice, while Kyle ordered a half-serving of Gringo’s Southern Spice chicken with three sides, Mexican Rice, Buttered Corn, and Garlic Mushroom.

latin american restaurant manila

Gringo’s Baby Back Ribs with two sides (Php 365)

It took approximately 15 minutes before our orders were served. The first thing we noticed was how huge the serving sizes were! Admittedly, we underestimated the half-serving size and overestimated our appetite. Each plate came with a serving of nachos drizzled with sauce and topped with cold diced tomatoes, and accompanied by our sides of choice.

latin american restaurant manila

latin american restaurant manila

Southern Spice Chicken with three sides (Php 375)

The Southern Spice Chicken was huge! I had no trouble finishing my half slab of ribs, but Kyle struggled to finish his meal. The Southern Spice was a delight to the taste buds, with a distinct lemony flavor and a hint of spice. It was accompanied by Gringo’s two signature sauces, the lemon herb sauce and the hot and spicy sauce. I particularly liked the lemon herb sauce because it really complemented the meat of the chicken.

latin american restaurant manila

Both the ribs and the chicken were good, but it was the generous serving of sides that sealed the deal for me. Their Mexican Rice is a must-have as a side to any Gringo meal, and their Macaroni Salad and Buttered Corn come second to the rice. I loved the Macaroni Salad that I wished I bought another serving of it! Aside from the usual sides, there are healthier sides offered like the Garlic Mushroom, Mashed Camote, and Steamed Saba, among others. But if you’re going to eat at Gringo’s anyway, might as well go for the more flavorful and more filling sides, yes?

We left the restaurant completely full and satisfied with our decision to eat there. Our only regret was that we didn’t have enough tummy space to go for desserts: a tough choice between their Queso Sorbetes (Php 85 for two scoops) and Mango Cream Stick Rice (Php 165). I’m sure I will be seeing Gringo again sooner than later.-HANA


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  • EAT'S a Small World  says:

    Would love to try out Gringo soon, thanks for the comprehensive review! I am drooling for the southern spice Chicken!

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