REVIEW: The Burger Joint (SM Hypermarket, Pasig City)

I work just across SM Hypermarket in Pasig (also known as SM Supercenter Pasig to some), so I already have my go-to places for my ever-changing cravings. When it comes to burgers that’s a little more premium and for when I’m in the mood to celebrate, The Burger Joint is my choice of pig-out venue in the area. It’s not just me — the rest of my food-lovin’ team loves their burgers, too!

Since many of the items on their menu are made from scratch (such as their homemade brioche bun, the TBJ special sauce, and the beef in their patties are ground fresh daily), it might take them a few minutes to get your food served. Make sure to order appetizers to whet your appetite. Otherwise, there’s always a random Pokemon to keep you company.

“Waiter, there’s a Weedle on my table.”

Pro-tip: The Burger Joint is located near three Pokestops, so you can catch up on your Pokemon hunting while you dine in.

Loaded Nachos (Php 179) – Great for sharing!

TBJ’s Loaded Nachos are not your usual nachos. Instead of adding tomatoes, they opted to include watermelon cubes, which adds a sweet, refreshing flavor to the dish. They also throw in a lot of toppings, which doesn’t leave you with the dreaded “bitin” feeling when eating nachos.

Buffalo Classic (Php 189)

For wings, they have five different flavors to choose from: Buffalo Classic, BBQ Sesame, Garlic Parmesan, Lemon Pepper, and Southern Fried. Their Buffalo Classic is mildly spicy, so you can enjoy it on its own, or pair it with rice. It’s tasty to the bone, so it’s best eaten with your hands gloved!

Juicy Lucy (Php 299)

I haven’t met a lot of bacon strips I like (I don’t know why — don’t judge me!) but I know I like bacon when it’s fried to perfect crispness. If there’s one thing I really like about TBJ’s Burgers, it’s that they top their burger patties with crispy bacon strips. The Juicy Lucy (pictured above) is one of TBJ’s bestselling burgers and my second-favorite burger from their menu. It’s a half-pounder with cheese oozing from all sides of the patty, with fresh BLT, sweet caramelized onions, and pickles.

Southwest BBQ (Php 229)

The Southwest BBQ Burger is my favorite burger from TBJ! I find that it packs in the best value for money. At Php 229, you get a quarter-pound angus beef patty soaked in their delicious barbecue sauce.

WTF Burger (Php 309)

TBJ’s WTF Burger made our jaw drop with its size! You’d definitely want to try this one, but not without saying WTF at the sight of it first. Its size is enough to give anyone a heart attack. I couldn’t even eat it without chopping it into pieces. What was unique about the WTF Burger was the addition of the paper-thin potato chips, which lent a salty flavor to the burger. Cheese and sauce dripped from all sides, and even though it was messy to eat, I’d do it all over again! Finishing this whole is literally and figuratively a tall order.

Finally, Milkshakes!

The Burger Joint is also coming out with Milkshakes soon. The Choco Berry Crunch Red Velvet Milkshake is just one of the many milkshake flavors to look forward to. Its taste reminded me of the premium Nestle Strawberry Ice Cream– heavenly and sinful, at the same time.

The Burger Joint, SM Hypermarket, Pasig City

The Burger Joint succeeds in dishing out meals and premium burgers at prices that won’t break the bank. Will I be coming back? I eat here almost every other week! Ready to give smashed burgers a try?-HANA

 The Burger Joint
SM Hypermarket – Pasig City
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