REVIEW: Over Rice (Katipunan Ave, Quezon City)

Indulging in comfort food doesn’t have to have to hurt your wallet– that’s what the masterminds behind NY Halal-inspired Over Rice believe, as they bring us Mediterranean dishes made popular by street food carts from NYC. Conveniently located at the corner of Aurora Boulevard and Katipunan Ave., Over Rice aims to reach the hearts (and tummies) of foodies in the area with their mouthwatering fast casual fare at affordable prices.

Over Fries with your choice of Beef or Chicken toppings (Php 129)

Ambience: The fast casual restaurant stays true to its roots as primarily a take-out joint. However, for those who wish to dine in, the restaurant can seat ten to twelve people at the counter, where they can watch the staff and crew as they skillfully prepare your meals. They also have a wall which makes for the perfect background for your tempting foodfies.

This might not be the best setup especially for those who enjoy lounging as they enjoy their meals, but diners who take-out are rewarded with a free drink for a minimum purchase of Php 99, thanks to their Take-out Tuesday Promo. Def sulit!

Gyro, with your choice of beef or chicken toppings) Php 79

Food: What I like most about Over Rice is that they’re not trying to imitate their more popular (and honestly, more overpriced) counterpart. Their menu offers proof of how they’re trying to break the mold by offering more than what has already being offered by other similar establishments. Gyros might be commonplace, but the addition of the ten-inch Giant Gyro provides a savory challenge to look forward to. Another noteworthy item on their menu is the hybrid Kebabdog (Php 79), a fusion of Western and Mid-Eastern fare in one tasty meal.

Over Rice, with your choice of Beef or Chicken toppings (Php 99)

My top picks would be the Over Fries and their signature Over Rice meal. Top it with loads of their home-made red and white sauces, aptly named Pwet Goes Boom Boom and Crema de Mama, for the best experience!

Just when I thought they don’t have any thing else that can surprise me, their Cucumber Lemonade seals the deal. T_T I didn’t think much of it at first, but it complements the meals well without overwhelming the taste buds. For only Php 18 pesos, its zesty and refreshing flavor is quite addicting, even more addicting than their yogurt shakes!

Strawberry Yogurt shake – tastes like ice cream!

Many of the ingredients they use are handmade and home-made, like the pita bread, as well as their signature sauces. It still makes me wonder how they were able to successfully offer all these at more than half the usual price of Mediterranean fare, but I’m not complaining! I love that they have made halal-inspired dishes affordable for everyone to enjoy even on a daily basis. My only two wishes are: one, that they open more branches soon near my place (lol!), and two, that they offer their signature sauces for free (like KFC’s gravy!)

I would highly recommend you guys check out Over Rice, especially if you pass by the area. It’s near the jeepney terminal near Ministop at the Blue Residences, just next to Cre8 Salon. I promise, the experience is more than what you’ll pay for!-HANA

Over Rice
Golan Arcade, Katipunan Ave., Brgy. Loyola Heights, Quezon City (Near The Blue Residences and Ministop)
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