Pantene at the Cosmo Beauty Block

Last week, I headed to SM Megamall’s Fashion Hall to attend the Cosmo Beauty Block. It promised to bring together the newest products from the best brands around, as handpicked by the Cosmo Team. There were also talks and demos scheduled for those interested in learning more about makeup, hairstyling, and even vlogging!

Got this from the BYS Booth!

The best part, however, is the freebies! I scored a lot of free items just by dropping by some booths and completing challenges in others. At the Brow Lounge booth, the challenge was to match the right pair of eyebrows with the model’s face! It looked difficult, but the prize seemed worth it!

Brow Match challenge at the Brow Lounge booth

The Pantene Booth had an interactive challenge for guests. Guests lined up to have their hair colored with hair chalks, and afterwards, they headed to the Boomerang booth to have their poses captured in GIFs! I tried it too, and it was loads of fun! (even though I was super unprepared for it – hence the lack of poses) I got to take home freebies from the booth, and a pair of sunnies from Sunnies Studios, too!

Took the Boomerang Challenge at the Pantene Booth

In the afternoon, I got to watch Pantene Hair Expert Laurent Hebert recreate Selena Gomez’s signature volumized hairstyle on a model. Ahh, he makes it look so easy to do! From the demo, I learned that us girls shouldn’t subjects ourselves to harsh treatments, blowdrying, and other chemicals without the protection of the Pantene 3-minute miracle conditioner.

Laurent Hebert showing the audience how to create three hairstyles under five minutes each!

After his demo, we got to meet him in person and take a photo with him at the Pantene Booth. He said he loved my hair and that it reminded him of Lady Gaga!

I wish my hair was just as likeable as Laurent thinks it is! My hair is pretty damaged and brittle from all the bleaching I do, but now I know better. I’m going to make the Pantene 3-minute miracle a habit from now on!-HANA

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