A Best Beautiful Collaboration: Olay x Jojie Lloren

free skincare assessment regimen philippines

It was only very recently that I learned about the history behind Olay. It was a product borne out of love from a chemist for her wife, as he persevered to create a moisturizer that would meet the requirements of his wife. Talk about true love! Olay became such a big hit, that it has since then helped many women all over the world look and feel their Best Beautiful self every day. It has also had many milestones as a brand here in the Philippines. During the golden era of cold creams, Olay broke through by bringing the first anti-aging cream to the Philippine market. It was also the first to have in-store beauty experts to help women better assess and evaluate their skin care needs. Now, it’s time that the Beauty Consultants themselves get a little help in feeling their Best Beautiful, too!

Top Filipino designer Jojie Lloren talks about the collaboration with Olay, and the vision he has for the upcoming collections.

With the help of premier fashion designer Jojie Lloren, Olay aims to upgrade the beauty and shopping experience by giving the women who represent Olay a fashion makeover. The collection is and will be exclusively designed for Olay Beauty Consultants. Here’s a sneak peek at the first collection before you see them in-store!

A black coat dress with a silk obi-style belt for the first collection.

“Timelessness, sophistication, and elegance” are the three words Jojie Lloren used to describe this collection. The collaboration not only aims to upgrade the whole skin care shopping experience of Filipina women, but is a celebration if the almost 200 women beauty experts that have helped make Olay the successful brand that it is today.

free skincare assessment regimen philippines

Checking out the Beauty Imaging Device with my friend, Kaycee <3

Aside from the designer collaboration, our Olay Beauty Experts will also be equipped with the latest in skin care diagnostics —  a tool called the Olay Beauty Imaging Device (BID). Now, I’m sure a lot of us have tried out other skin imaging devices in the past, and it can be time-consuming and hard to use! However, I was able to experience the Beauty Imaging Device for myself, and here’s what I found out:

free skincare assessment regimen philippines

The BID has a skin probe which the Beauty Experts use to take two photos of your skin: one close to the eyes, and one close to the mouth. Once the images of your skin has been captured, the BID will proceed to compare your skin conditions against a wide database of over 2,000 subjects. The BID will show its assessment of your skin condition across five dimensions: skin moisture, pigmentation, skin texture, skin tone and wrinkles.

free skincare assessment regimen philippines

My results reveal that I have healthy skin (those items marked blue-green) in terms of Skin Moisture and Texture / Skin anti-aging. I have average skin condition in terms of complexion and wrinkles. However, I have damaged skin based on the level of pigmentation and brown spots. Eep!

Here are the products Olay’s Beauty expert recommended to me for my problem areas:

free skincare assessment regimen philippines

Olay Cellucent Essence Water Hydrating Toner, Cellucent White Essence Serum, Micro-sculpting Serum, and Micro-sculpting UV Cream Moisturiser with SPF 30

I’m definitely looking forward to adding these to my skin care routine! And with the latest promos (almost 50% off on Olay products in stores such as Watsons Philippines) getting these even on a budget won’t be too challenging for Filipinas who want to get on the right skin care track.

Make sure to visit your Olay Beauty Experts in-store for a tailor-made skincare regimen soon!-HANA

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