REVIEW: Brick Burger (Hampton Gardens Arcade, Pasig City)

I’ve always been fascinated with legos. Back when I was young, I used to have a tub full of legos and spent hours building lego creations, like building, vehicles, aircrafts, and whatever I could conjure with my imagination. Legos have since evolved from simple blocks to lego replicas of popular characters, making it even more fun to create lego dioramas! Seeing lego diorama displays at Brick Burger was the first thing that reeled me into new burger joint a few blocks away from my home.

For an hour, I was a kid again. Brick Burger in Pasig was home to this amazing lego collection of over a thousand lego pieces, or maybe even more! I can just imagine the dedication to collect these items and put them all together. Seeing the displays alone makes it worth the trip!

The joint was on their soft opening, so we already made sure to manage our expectations prior to ordering. I chose the Benny Burger, while Kyle chose Darth Burger. The pasta selection they have were also cheaper compared to the burgers, which makes them a great alternative to their “jaw-dropping” burger variants.

Benny Burger, Php 195

The Benny Burger did not have the lego buns, but it packed a tasty treat at a more affordable price than the lego burgers. It’s a straightforward cheeseburger, topped with a sunny-side up egg. On the other hand, the Darth Burger was craftily made with its top bun shaped like a lego block, and was a treat for barbecue flavor-loving foodies! The sweetness of the caramelized mushroom and barbecue sauce, combined with the meaty flavor of both the patty and mushrooms makes this a great choice.

Darth Burger (Php 250)

Price-wise, they can still choose to offer more by including the fries with the burger instead of offering it as an add-on. It wasn’t as filling as it looked, and for the price range, you’d expect they would be able to send you off with a happy tummy. It’s tasty, but having just one fails to satisfy, so consider ordering more if you’re looking to get full!

Brick Burger’s fun and vibrant ambience will surely bring out the child in you. Even if I’m not quite as sold on the food, I recommend you to try it at least once! The unique experience is more to look forward to than the food, and it’s definitely worth the trip!-HANA

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