Event: Accenture Fusion Night x Polyglot Nation

You may not have stopped to think about it, but it’s a fact that we Filipinos are a product of our rich cultural diversity. The beauty of our culture lies in the wonderful mix of influences from the many colonies that contributed to our individuality as a nation. Thanks to this, we have grown to be welcoming and accepting of other nations’ cultures, and our natural adaptability have made us quick learners of a second (and sometimes, even a third!) language.

With Denby, Kat, Luke, and Justin!

Unfortunately, I’ve never gotten around to learn a second language aside from English. However, this didn’t stop me from meeting fascinating multilinguals here in the metro during the Accenture Fusion Night last Saturday, August 27, at Hole in the Wall in Century City Mall, Makati. I was joined by some of my other blogger friends, and we met many talented people from all walks of life who can speak two languages.

The event’s highlight was the launch of Polyglot Nation, a community where multilinguals can be supported in their practice of their language proficiency skills. Aside from learning from one another, members of the Polyglot Nation get free training through monthly learning sessions from Accenture, as well as access to the latest Accenture networking events. The best part is — registration to the community is FREE!

SPIT Manila was hilarious!

Even though the attendees did not all speak the same language, our shared love for laughter and good food (and maybe also winning free stuff!) closed the gap and brought us all closer. SPIT Manila’s Improv performance was a real treat! It was actually my first time to watch an improv presentation, and I found myself wanting more after their performance ended. And because Fusion Night was a celebration of our global diversity, there really wasn’t a one-size-fits-all cuisine that could appeal to all the people in the event. Hence, participants were given the chance to choose whatever they wanted at the Hole In The Wall.

There were so many good shops to choose from, I couldn’t decide!

I had to walk around the food hall a couple of times before I decided on Cheeseburger with Fries from The Beef, and Matcha Lava Cake with Ice Cream from Green Cheese.

“HEY! PUT ME DOWN!!!” Seems like my cheeseburger isn’t too excited to be eaten.

Matcha Lava Cake from Green Cheese

And while we ate, we were serenaded by this talented duo.♥

Accenture introduced so many amazing perks for members of the Polyglot Nation that made me wish I learned a second language when I was younger so that I could be part of the community! But I’m sure it’s never too late to start learning. As for the polyglots we met during the event, I think they could not be happier to find a group that would not only help them meet people like them, but also help them develop their language skills even further and support them in their careers.Now don’t you wish you had a second language, too? -HANA

Interested in joining Accenture’s Polyglot Nation? For inquiries, email krizia.r.patrocinio@accenture.com

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