REVIEW: Sunnies Cafe (BGC High Street, Taguig)

Every brekkie (breakfast junkie lol!) has probably caught wind of the newly opened Sunnies Cafe at BGC High Street. It’s an extension of the Sunnies Studios lifestyle concept, the same brand that has brought us them chic and affordable sunnies we all love. So one afternoon, after observing due diligence and doing my research on what to order, I headed over to Sunnies Cafe to see if the hype is real.

Some of the things I knew from research:

  • During the time of our visit, they had an ongoing promo that treats diners to a FREE Sunnies Funfetti for every order, but only one serving for every group of four.
  • They serve brunch, coffee, and cocktails
  • Sunnies Cafe loves pets! But I didn’t bring my furbaby during my visit
  • They have free wi-fi

We visited during the first weekend of Pokemon Go’s launch in Southeast Asia, so you could just imagine the number of people in the Serendra-High Street area hunting for pokemon. We arrived at 2 pm, hungry from skipping lunch, but had to wait around thirty minutes to be seated. It was a good thing that they had unoccupied seats at that time outside, albeit the smoking area. I was super famished, so I wanted to order in advance, so that when we’re finally seated, I can start eating like a mad woman. Unfortunately, they do not accept advance orders, and we had to wait until we were seated inside.

The place was packed, even after lunch hours. I ordered the Sunnies Risotto (Php 370), while Kyle ordered Steak and Eggs (Php 390). It was another 20-minute wait before our meals were served.

Sunnies Risotto (left) and Steak and Eggs (right)

I’m not going to deny it: for a brunch, serving size was definitely small and will leave wanting to order another dish. The Sunnies Risotto was good, especially with the caramelized bacons and the sous vide egg on top, but did not provide good value for money. I finished the whole thing in 5 minutes (I know I said I was hungry, but brunches should leave you feeling full and satisfied). The Steak and Eggs was dry, and Kyle felt he should have just ordered the Sunnies Risotto, too!

Sunnies Risotto (Php 370)

Steak and Eggs (Php 390)

Sunnies Funfetti (Php 290)

The Sunnies Funfetti, which was served free as part of the promo, looked like a tiny birthday cake that isn’t big enough for sharing. I’m not sure if it’s just me and my appetite (and I know for a fact that I have a smaller appetite than the average person), but the serving sizes were disappointing. I felt like I needed to order two plates of Sunnies Risotto to leave the place happy (but I didn’t because it just wasn’t good value for money). I think the serving sizes are for models and people who have to watch their weight and their cal intake, and if you’re hungry or you’re looking to get full, then you should try dining somewhere else instead. However, I really did like their Sunnies Risotto and I hope they would consider adjusting their serving sizes with the average Filipino appetite in mind.

Also, during the time of our visit, they did not have wi-fi, but they did have a lot of power outlets which helped us recharge our phones while dining.

Their “insta-hoe” wall

The cafe is definitely instagrammable inside out, and I couldn’t help but have my photo taken at what Georgina dubs as their “insta-hoe wall”.

Rating: giphygiphy (2/5)

How about you? How did you like Sunnies Cafe? Share your thoughts with me in the Comments Section below!-HANA

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