5 Botanifique Products You Need to Add To Your Skincare Regimen ASAP

organic skincare products manila philippines botanifique

Two weekends ago, I had the chance to attend the Health and Beauty Fair held at Shangri-la Mall’s East Atrium, and one of the demos I was invited to was the Back to Basics experiential demo by the team behind Botanifique. I was particularly excited for this because Botanifique was from the same company that brought Aqua Mineral to Manila (and god knows how much I love Aqua Mineral — I’v been using it for the past three years!) I discovered five (among so many!) Botanifique products that your skin would definitely benefit from:

organic skincare products manila philippines botanifique

1. Botanifique’s Re-Fresh Foaming Facial Cleanser. The Foaming Facial Cleanser is a 3-in-1 product — it’s a foaming wash, a makeup remover, and a toner in one. It’s most important in optimizing the skin prior to application of other organic products, as it ensures a clean skin surface for better absorption.

2. Deep Essence Facial Serum. The importance of serums in skincare cannot be overstated. Unlike creams and other types of skincare delivery, serums are more concentrated and pack more punch, therefore, penetrating the second layer of the skin, and are more likely to produce more results. Botanifique’s Deep Essence Facial Serum is infused with jojoba oil, which is very similar to human serum, making it easy to apply, as well as gingko biloba capsules, which help protect the skin by releasing free radicals.

organic skincare products manila philippines botanifique

The Botanifique Magnifique Face Mask

3. Magnifique Facial Mask. My favorite among all the products that were used in the demo, the Magnifique Facial Mask penetrates deeply into the pores and extracts impurities, while restoring the moisture deep into the skin. Unlike other facial masks, you’ll need to use a magnet wrapped in napkin or tissue paper in order to benefit from its natural iron properties. I was floored to see how the magnet magically pulls the dried mask away from the surface of the skin, making it more effective in pulling out deep-seated dirt from the pores! You can say it’s a “magnetic facial.” It was even named as one of the six breakthrough beauty products of 2015 by Mirror.co.uk.

organic skincare products manila philippines botanifique

Magnifique Facial Mask, Face-It Peeling Gel, Dew Day Moisturing Cream

4. Face-It Peeling Gel. This once-a-week facial peeling gel is highly recommended for skin exfoliation. In order for our skin to absorb products into the deeper layers, we have to make sure that our skin is rid of dead skin cells and layers of impurities that are in the way of effective absorption. Botanifique’s Face-It Peeling Gel has cucumber and chamomile extracts for a soothing and rejuvenating feeling. Unlike many peeling products, this one shies away from beads, which not only enlarges skin pores, but also causes microscars. Not to mention, they’re bad for the environment, too! After a quick peeling session, your skin will emanate a glowing finish.

5. Dew Day Moisturizing Cream. For women on the go, you’d want a moisturizer that not only moisturizes, but also protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun when you’re out and about! This moisturizer from Botanifique is your BFF when it comes to getting more done out of your day — it hydrates, combats dryness, addresses premature aging, and keeps your skin supple and radiating a youthful glow.

The best part about Botanifique is that they want you to be able to try their products before you buy, in their advocacy to educate their customers on the best products that are suited for their skin types. Most of their products are created to cater to all skin types too– whether you’re skin’s dry or oily, or a combination of both, or maybe sensitive to most products, Botanifique’s products are guaranteed to suit your skin’s needs.

organic skincare products manila philippines botanifique

Botanifique’s Hydra Power line


  • Organic, all-natural, and no harmful additives
  • Effective in locking in skin moisture
  • Products have this attractive and relaxing scent
  • Great for all skin types, whether sensitive, oily, or dry
  • Formulated for Asian markets
  • Available in four different outlets in the Philippines, and counting.


  • As the products have been developed using advanced, state-of-the-art technology, pricing can be steep
organic skincare products manila philippines botanifique

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12 comments to 5 Botanifique Products You Need to Add To Your Skincare Regimen ASAP

  • Mary Madeleine Javiniar  says:

    I am excited to try Botanifique’s Re-Fresh Foaming Facial Cleanser because it is a 3-in-1 product (a foaming wash, a makeup remover, and a toner in one). I currently use too much products on my face and they are expensive altogether! This would be a nice try!

  • Marilou Javiniar  says:

    I want to try the Dew Day Moisturizing Cream since it also functions as a sun block! And as I’ve read from your review, it also has anti-aging effects which is also good for me since I am a working mother of three and I want to have that youthful glow that this product is promising!

  • Diana Sigua  says:

    wanna try the magnifique facial mask

  • Zahra Zadeh  says:

    I am interested in trying out the Magnifique Facial Mask :D My skin was acting bad recently and I feel that if I use this, it will take away my impurities. Good thing that their products are good for all skin types :)

  • Denise Cabrera  says:

    I love all the products posted. For me, I guess, the peeling gel is my most needed one. I would love to get all. Haha.

  • Edna Santos  says:

    I am excited to try the Face-It Peeling Gel because I want to get rid of my dead skin cells using only natural products. It will also help in absorbing the products that I will be using into the deep layers of my skin after expoliating using Botanifique product. Thank you.

  • Samantha Gayle C. Santos  says:

    Of all the Botanifique products, I am so excited to try the Magnifique Facial Mask. I so love facial masks especially those with organic and natural ingredients to deeply cleanse and promote glowing and younger-looking skin. This is something new and unique to me and I really love to try it soon. I am also curious on how the magnet could actually pull the dried mask off the skin and effectively cleanse and unclog pores deeply. Thank you very much for sharing to us your experience with Botanifique and also for this wonderful treat!!!

  • kimmy joy  says:

    im a huge fan of this brand, and i want to try the Magnifique Facial Mask. <3.

  • Edralyn Reyes  says:

    I want to try Face-it peeling gel because i want to peel my dead skin and removed my dark spot . Hope to win😃😃😃

  • Kristine Trinidad  says:

    I’m eyeing on the Magnifique Facial Mask because I want to experience first hand how the magnet works and how will it be beneficial on my skin :) Hope to win! Yay!

  • Joyce  says:

    Beauty skin care starts by cleansing the face. And that is why i wanted to try the Botanifique’s Re-Fresh Foaming Facial Cleanser. Packed with organic,all natural ingredients, it will surely give me the superb benefit for my face. Not only does it cleanses the face in a foaming wash which is I think is way better and beneficial than facial wash itself, it includes make-up remover really suited for us ladies. And not but not the least, it has a toner , another two thumbs up. As what I have read, it adds nourishment to the face and helps maintain the right ph level. To some it up, its a complete package for me especially if I am travelling. Saves space and time. With all the luck that I have, i hope to win this 🙏😊 more power

  • Aubrey Kitz  says:

    Yes, I would definitely love to try these amazing skincare products from Botanifique! :)

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