Discovering Cookie Shots at Cookie Bar Manila (The Podium, Mandaluyong)

The concept of Cookie shots is not new — in fact, I’ve seen it years ago circulating on Facebook, with coffee and a cute little handle to boot. However, I have not found an establishment that sells cookie shots or cookie cups until last month, when we were aimlessly walking around The Podium, and encountered Cookie Bar Manila. I’ve been looking for cookie shots in manila for a looong time, but I must have not been looking hard enough to only find out about it a bit later than most people did!

cookie bar manila the podium mandaluyong

Cookie Shots with Milk and Ice Cream!

We ordered cookie shots with milk (Php 100) and cookie shots with a scoop of ice cream (Php 120). Cookie shots sold a la carte cost Php 50 each, which means the cost of the milk and a scoop of ice cream are Php 50 and Php 70, respectively. The carton of milk had about 200 ml, and was good for eight shots of milk! While extremely delicious with the cookie shots, eight shots of milk can make you feel intoxicated. I was seriously considering if there was something in the milk because I felt drunk after finishing the whole carton!

cookie bar manila

Cookie Shots with a scoop of ice cream (Php 120)

The cookie shots with the ice cream, while satisfying, did not provide the same experience of enjoying the cookie shots with milk. We had to keep up with the dripping of the melting ice cream on the sides of the cookie shots, and when you get to finish the whole scoop, there was nothing left to enjoy the cookie shots with.

The cookie shots were lined with a thick layer of chocolate coating inside. You can tell that it was thick enough to hold the drink inside the cup because it didn’t allow the milk to leak. The cookie shots didn’t crumble, and it was very chewy with the milk!

I can’t wait to try this with coffee!-HANA

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