NEW BEAUTY PRODUCT ALERT: Liese Hair Color Now in the Philippines!

As you may have noticed these past few months, I’ve laid off on the bleaching and hair coloring, and let my roots grow long and dark. In fact, the last time I bleached or colored my hair was more than six months ago. This was because my hair was suffering from constant damage from the excessive bleaching, and I didn’t want to end up with brittle and super frizzy hair, which is why I made the decision to delay my #hairgoals and let my scalp and tresses recover. However, when I recently met a friend and she recommended Liese to me because of its formulation that’s gentle to the mane, and the opportunity to learn more about the brand came serendipitously, my excitement to color my hair was rekindled! (I just knew I won’t be able to stop myself from getting my hair colored sooner or later!)

Liese is popular for its Creamy Bubble Hair Color, or BHC, and is the number one hair color brand in Japan for a good reason: they make hair coloring super easy. I’ve had experience trying to color my hair on my own, and with hair as long as mine, things can get really messy quickly! So imagine my delight when I learned that there exists a hair coloring product that lets you color your hair in twenty minutes without the stress and the mess of the cream-type products. At Php 450, it is also so much more affordable than having your hair done at a salon, especially when you’re always in need of retouching your roots.

What got me interested in Liese more than the cute branding is its three-step application: Mix, Massage, and Rinse. And even though it cuts the number of steps and down-time massively, the resulting color is just as vibrant and long-lasting. It’s a permanent hair dye, which means, it won’t fade. The only thing I wish it offered was more shades of hair color! At the moment, it has six shades, namely Rose Tea Brown, Raspberry Brown, Chestnut Brown, Milk Tea Brown, Milky Beige, and Marshmallow brown. I am super optimistic that the other shades will be launched soon here in the Philippines.

I had zero interest in coloring my hair again after seeing it suffer the effects of bleaching, but now, I am excited (even though I really don’t want to! Can you feel how torn I am?) to try Liese for myself. It looks so easy, I just feel the strong compulsion to see how well it would work on me, and how much I will enjoy coloring my own hair again after swearing it off. I’ll be coloring my hair with Liese very soon and vlogging about it, so please watch out for my tutorial vlog + review!-HANA

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