Review: 1609 Fitout Burger (Maybunga, Pasig City)

1609 Fitout burger

I cannot say this enough: there’s a shortage of good food establishments here in the city proper of Pasig, which spans the area of Kapasigan, all the way to Maybunga, C. Raymundo, and Rosario. I’ve lived here all my life, and I have not seen any new noteworthy restaurants in the area, which forces me to head to Kapitolyo for a food trip, or give up and go find relief for my hunger in any of the several malls in the Ortigas Central Business District. So when I saw this burger joint called 1609 Fitout Burger along my street, I anticipated its opening with excitement. It was very near my place, and I pass by the establishment on my way to and from work. Little did I know that it was a former batchmate who owned the store, until he reached out on Facebook and invited me to drop by for a taste of their burgers.

Before I did, I made sure to do my research (read: check out their pages on social media) and see what the customers are saying about them. The one thing that really caught my attention was their 90-peso burgers, which everyone (on their page, at least) has been raving about. Everything else on the menu looked affordable, too! If I had my second thoughts before, at this point, cost was out of the way.

1609 Fitout burger

The burger joint is a relatively small space located on the second floor of the building, and can seat about ten to fifteen people comfortably inside, and maybe four people outside. Of course, you’d opt to dine inside to enjoy the cool air of the AC, but if you’re looking to smoke while enjoying a burger and a beer, there are two tables outside to accommodate you. They also have wifi connection, but I didn’t see any power outlets inside.

I ordered the Bulldozer burger and Kyle got the Drill Dog. We also ordered an additional serving of Garlic sauce.

1609 Fitout burger maybunga caniogan pasig

Bulldozer burger (Php 110) and Drill Dog (Php 90) with additional Garlic Sauce (Php 15)

All the meals came with a serving of their thick-cut fries, which was a bit oily, but did the job of whetting the appetite. While I liked the flavor of the Drill Dog, particularly because of the mushroom and the spicy hungarian sausage, it was the Bulldozer that I enjoyed more. The burger patty had a hint of spiciness, which I found extremely satisfying (because I’m lazy, and this saves me time and effort from having to add hot sauce to my burger). It was just the right combination of the spicy flavor from the patty, and the salty flavor from the juicy bacon strips. I also especially liked the plating. The meals, as well as some of the sides, were served in wooden chopping boards, which adds a unique touch to it.

1609 Fitout burger maybunga caniogan pasig

Drill Dog (Php 90)

The garlic sauce went really well with everything! If there’s one thing you need to order more of, it’s the garlic sauce for sure.

If there’s one thing I hope they would look into for improving their menu, it’s that I hope they would offer their meals in bigger sizes. Think Zark’s. I would be more than willing to pay more (maybe a bit more) for a more filling experience, the kind that leaves you leaving the place rubbing your tummy and hoping you had enough space for dessert. I am positive that this would be a nice addition (or offer) on their menu!

1609 Fitout burger maybunga caniogan pasig

Will I come back? I already did. We tried their delivery service one time, since it said on the menu that they offer delivery to nearby areas, but they didn’t have someone available to deliver then. In the end, we just picked it up and took it home with us. I ordered a Bulldozer (again!) just because I can’t get enough of it, and Kyle tried the Jack Hammer (Php 110). We loved the Jack Hammer — it was just the right amount of spiciness to keep you looking forward to your next bite!

They have soft drinks and cold beers available, and I know how some people love enjoying their burgers with a beer in hand.

16o9 Fitout Burger would be a great tambayan place if not for its limited space. This shouldn’t stop you from trying it out, though! You can still enjoy their delicious burgers and hot dogs in the comforts of your home, especially if you live in the area.

Looking forward to my next Jack Hammer and Bulldozer soon!-HANA

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