Keeping Their Promise of Delectable Cakes at Quim’s Cake

Quim’s Cake has been in the business of crafting mouthwatering cakes since 2010, a business which started like many other businesses: with a dream — a dream to bake and to serve extraordinary homemade cakes to everyone. The cake shop was the brainchild of Chef Elaquim “Jack” Labang, whom the shop was also named after. It was Chef Jack’s passion which helped him through a long and painstaking journey of earning the education and training from the best in the international culinary scene. Quim’s Cake is definitely not an overnight success, but it made the achievement even more sweeter.

It was Chef Jack’s signature Chocolate Cake that started it all, as they served their first ever in the Roxas District of Quezon City one fine day in 2010. Their chocolate cake shot to popularity for being the “moistest cake in town.” As they gained a following and love for their Chocolate Cake, they started expanding their range of offers and flavors, bringing about the creation of their sumptuous Carrot Cake, cheesecakes, celebration cakes, and many others.

Recently, more and more people are getting to know Quim’s Cake from the news as their promise to serve P5-M worth of cake samples if Mayor Duterte wins the presidential Race have gotten them more attention than ever. Truth be told, this was how I first got acquainted with the brand– with many of my Facebook friends resharing this piece of news when Duterte won the elections. A recent visit, however, made me realize that there’s more to Quim’s Cake than cake.


Hondashi Pasta (Php 180)

They have six pasta varieties on their menu, namely: Basil Moringa Pesto, Hungarian Pasta, Bolognese Pasta, Hondashi Pasta, Heartbreaker Pasta, and the Spicy Binagoongan Pasta. The sinfully satisfying Heartbreaker Pasta is named so because of the rich special crab taste than lends the dish its color and flavor. My personal fave would be the Hondashi Pasta, a white shrimp and cream sauce pasta topped with bonito flakes, nori strips, and sesame seeds. Its flavor reminds me of takoyaki!

Breakfast Dishes and Mains for Two

Roasted Pork Belly in Choco-Bagoong Sauce (Php 259)

Aside from their main dishes being reasonably priced, their serving sizes are good enough for sharing for two! We sampled three of their bestselling mains: The Sashimi Mango Sinigang, The Roasted Pork Belly in Choco-Bagoong Sauce, and the Pigar-Pigar. The Sashimi Mango Sinigang is deconstructed sinigang made with fresh salmon sashimi cooked in green mango puree broth and marinaded for 30 minutes. The green mango lends an all-natural flavoring to the sinigang. The Roasted Pork Belly, on the other hand, reminded me of Dinuguan, because of its choco-bagoong sauce. The crispy pork belly is slow-roasted for three hours to crispy perfection, and served with their special recipe of choco-bagoong sauce. The choco-bagoong sauce succeeds in keeping you hooked because of the contrast of sweet and salty flavors. Out of the three, my top pick would have to be the Pigar-Pigar, their version of Pampanga’s Bistek Tapa. Aside from the obvious reason that I love anything and everything breakfast food, the meat is satisfyingly sweet, a flavor derived from the juice of the white onion.

Pigtasilog (Php 179) featuring the Pigar-Pigar tapa of Pampanga

I have never seen any of these three dishes done anywhere else, which makes these three at the top of my list of reasons to come back to Quim’s Cake for more!

Burgers and Pizzettas

Pulled Pork Bbq Burger (Php 230) and Red Hot Dory Burger (Php 250)

They also serve huge, tasty burgers and pizzetas to keep you satisfied for hours. We tried the Red Hot Dory Burger and the Pulled Pork BBQ Burger, both of which I enjoyed immensely because of its size (they were huge!) and meaty filling. If I had to choose one of the two, I would probably go with the Red Hot Dory Burger because of its intriguing red bun and the unusual choice of meat for the burger patty: spicy and crispy dory meat wrapped in bacon.


Chef Jack with Quim’s Cake’s signature Moist Chocolate Cake

So when I started posting photos of the food on my Facebook and Instagram profiles, the frequently asked question from my friends was “Are their cakes good? Pero masarap ba?” We tried their Signature Chocolate Moist Cake and the Chunky Carrot Cake. The Chunky Carrot Cake was delicious, but their signature Chocolate Moist Cake was my favorite out of the two. It was extremely moist and flavorful without overpowering your taste buds, and it has just the right sweetness to keep you craving for the next slice of their cake. More importantly, it doesn’t make me feel guilty for finishing a slice! Some cakes just leave you with a guilty feeling that you can’t shake off even hours after you’ve had your last bite of their sinful slice. This has all the good but none of the guilt burdening my taste buds (and my weight-conscious conscience.)

It was a welcomed surprise to discover that Quim’s Cake has more to offer than pastries and sweets. Thanks to Chef Jhollow, who is an expert in Filipino and Asian-fusion dishes (you might have seen him before in one of his many guestings as a chef in popular TV shows) and a partner at Quim’s Cake Bakeshop and Cafe, the cake shop’s menu featured a variety of meals and dishes uniquely put together to satiate any foodie.


It’s always more fun to enjoy good food in a cozy environment. More than being cozy, its picturesque and dainty feel with their posh suede chairs make you feel like you’re having a meal fit for royalty.

Will I come back? It’s a long way from my place, but I have a number of reasons to come back for more, namely their breakfast meals and their sumptuous and uber-moist signature chocolate cake! If these mouthwatering dishes did not convince you to drop by, then I’m sure their upcoming cake giveaway every 1st an 15th day of the month starting July 1 will make you want to drop by and try their cakes out for yourself!-HANA

Quim’s Cake
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