L’Oreal Paris Unveils Chosen Filipina Brand Ambassadors

L’Oreal has been a global household brand for decades, and they’re well-represented globally by iconic personalities such as Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Watts, Karlie Kloss, Blake Lively, Eva Longoria, and many more celebrities that embody L’Oreal Paris’ legendary signature, “Because you’re worth it.” However, Filipinas who are avid fans of the brand have looked forward to the day that we can have our very own to represent the brand, both locally, as well as internationally. This year, we didn’t get just one Filipina ambassador, but we got three! Introducing the first set of Filipina brand ambassadors to represent L’Oreal’s makeup, hair, and skin care lines:

L’Oreal Paris’ Brand Ambassador for L’Oreal Makeup Designer/Paris, Solenn Heusaff

It probably came as no surprise to anyone that Solenn Heusaff would be handpicked to become L’Oreal Paris’ Woman of Worth for L’Oreal Makeup Designer/Paris. After all, she is half-French and half-Filipina, and strongly influenced by both cultures. She is a self-proclaimed “multi-slashy,” aka a multi-faceted slasher, as evidenced by her many talents and skills. Solenn is an acress / host / singer / model / painter / fashion designer / makeup artist – and it’s both exciting and intriguing to know what she’ll add to the growing list of her marketable skills! What makes her the perfect brand ambassador is her effortless style, and her easygoing nature despite her busy lifestyle.

Chesca Garcia-Kramer for L’Oreal Hair Color Expert/Paris

Dawn Zulueta-Lagdameo for L’Oreal Skincare Expert/Paris

On the other hand, Chesca Garcia-Kramer and Dawn Zulueta has also been revealed as the faces of the Haircolor and Skincare lines of L’Oreal, respectively. Both women embody confident beauty, and it truly does not hurt that they both effortlessly look ageless! Chesca strongly believes that being a woman of worth springs from knowing your worth, and making it apparent with the way you take care of yourself. For Dawn, she believes that women should not fear aging. Instead, women of worth embrace aging as a manifestation of wisdom, and that women do not have to go under the knife to age beautifully like her. She’s a living, breathing testament to what L’Oreal anti-aging products can do, since she has been using these products for the last ten years!

L’Oreal’s Revitalift Products promise results starting Day 1.

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme boasts of a wide range of shades with a total of 21 shades to choose from! For women who love to multi-task, the Excellence Creme guarantees to treat your hair while it transforms it into a different vibrant color.

Choices, choices: Check out some of the many shades to choose from!

L’Oreal’s Balm Caresse (Php 350) can get you summer-ready in no time! This new balm and lipstick in one soothes and hydrates puckers minus the greasy look, and comes in 8 summery shades!

I cannot wait to see what else is in store for L’Oreal, especially now that they have three equally beautiful and inspiring women of worth to take on the task of empowering women in making more intelligent beauty choices. We need more ladies to remind us and encourage us to believe in our worth, because at the end of the day, Filipinas, like all other women around the world, are worth it!-HANA

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