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sparks pink kiss hair color dye

I guess it’s no secret by now that I have been dreaming for pink hair for a long, loooong, time now. When I first started this blog back in 2011, I’ve mentioned in one of my earlier blog posts that I would love to have pink hair, and I tell people I meet that wanting to have pink hair was one of the reasons I left my nursing career in 2013. After five years, I finally took courage to dye my hair pink! But it didn’t last as long as I would have liked.

In the photo above, I used Sparks hair color in Pink Kiss. I bought two boxes of these from RainbowHead PH for Php 1000 just to try it out and see if that would be enough. I have almost waist-length hair at the time of the purchase. DIY hair experts would be quick to point out that I should have bought more, because two boxes just won’t cut it, and they’re right. However, I’m glad I only bought two of these. Read on for my review of Sparks Pink Kiss.

Here are some description of Sparks I found on their website, as well as on Amazon:

sparks pink kiss hair color dye
SPARKS is a vibrant, permanent hair color that produces the brightest shades imaginable. Sparks conditions hair as it colors, leaving hair healthier looking.
About the Product

  • High quality professional hair coloring system
  • Easy step-by-step instructions
  • 3 oz tube of direct dye – no developer needed
  • Use Crystal Clear as a top coat to add impeccable shine or as a mixer with any Sparks color to create a limitless pallet of pastel color options
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Brilliantly intense hair color
  • Ready to use

Take note that my hair has already been subjected to bleaching (to light blonde) multiple times in the past before I decided to use Sparks Pink Kiss. I also bleached it again before application. Using two tubes of the dye diluted with white conditioner (I used one bottle of Pantene Daily Moisture Repair) and a friend’s help, I applied it to my hair and left it on for one hour tops. The two tubes + conditioner was unable to cover the whole length of my hair, despite my hair being very thin. I decided to apply it to the upper half length of my hair and just trim everything else that isn’t covered later on.

Post-rinse, I was shock to see portions of my hair turned neon pink, while other portions were unable to properly absorb this. This was probably my fault, since this is my first time to DIY, but after diluting in so much conditioner, I didn’t think it would turn out to still be that bright! This may be a good thing for some, but for me with the light blonde hair with uneven spots of bright pink on my bangs and the tuft of hair on both sides of my head, I just couldn’t imagine going to work without standing out in a bad way. I spent the next couple of days at home and in my room, trying to hide myself from everyone, waiting for me to get over this whole ordeal.

sparks pink kiss hair color dye

After a few days, I noticed that it faded into a beautiful pastel pink, which I was originally aiming for. Even though it was applied unevenly, the fact that it was tame enough to wear to work made me proud to wear it. This lasted for two weeks max, before it faded into coral, and then finally, to my hair’s base color, which was light blonde.

I guess some dyes just don’t last as long as others. I looked into it and found that a lot of other Pink Kiss users have also complained about how the dye fades really fast, and sometimes doesn’t dye as well as other pink hair dyes. It seems that it really is a problem specific to Sparks’s Pink Kiss.sparks pink kiss hair color dye

TLDR; Here are the pros and cons of using Sparks Pink Kiss:


  • Inexpensive for only $7.99/tube on Sparks’s website
  • Can be mixed in and diluted with white conditioner
  • Smells nice
  • Gentle to the tresses
  • Vegan-free
  • Tube container lets you squeeze all the dye out, leaving little to no dye going to waste


  • Color/ effect is only visible if your base hair color is bleached to lightest blonde
  • Fades after two weeks; Little to no trace of color after four weeks (It’s as if you never dyed at all)

For those still looking forward to trying out this brand, the good news is that Sparks’s purple dyes are popular for their lasting power. Some says that Sparks’s blues and purples lasts longer than Manic Panic’s, but I have yet to try this out for myself.-HANA

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