Discovering French-Japanese Fusion Creations at Le Petit Souffle (Century City Mall, Makati)

Le Petit Souffle french restaurant makati

One afternoon, Kat, Phya, and I decided to grab lunch post-event at Le Petit Souffle, a French-Japanese restaurant in Century City Mall in Makati. I wasn’t familiar with the place before our visit that day, so I did not know what to expect, except that it was highly recommended by Phya and highly anticipated by Kat, two people whose recommendations I trust. We made our way to the third floor of the mall and found the restaurant in no time.

Le Petit Souffle french restaurant makati

A garden inside a restaurant? Then you must be in a French restaurant.

This is the second French restaurant I’ve been to, the first being Le Jardin Manila. I am, however, beginning to notice a trend– what is it with French restaurants and their fascination with garden-style interiors? Not complaining though, I loved that they brought the beauty of the garden and the comforting warmth of the sun inside. This must exactly be why Le Petit Souffle is regarded as one of the most Instagrammed restaurants in Manila.

Tip: If you’re looking to Instagram photos of your food, best seats for taking photos are near the windows, especially during daytime when sunlight is streaming through the window panes.

Le Petit Souffle french restaurant makati

But it isn’t just about the fancy ambience or the sunny atmosphere that draws people to the dainty cafe. The food gets its share of raves, too. They have a wide range of options on their menu, from salads, soups, and appetizers, to bread dishes heavy enough to be a meal on its own. They also have a whole spread dedicated to their drinks, featuring different options of matcha, fruit teas, and coffee.

Even the act of browsing their menu was fun because of the playful design! Can you find the mischievous cat tiptoeing across pages?


Le Petit Souffle french restaurant makati menu

The girls and I settled for their Lunch Set menu, which is only available from Monday – Thursday, 11 AM to 4 PM. If you’re ever planning to have lunch during those days, I recommend getting the lunch set menu because it has salad (Php 285), mains (choice of Just Mac and Cheese – Php 395, Pork Bourguignon – Php 425, and Squid-Ink Rice – Php 395), and a Custard Base Softee (choice of vanilla, matcha, or a combination of both! – Php 90) to cap off your meal. Plus, the set menu only costs Php 450!

On top of our set menu, Kat ordered Kinoko Frites and Yakult and Guava Fruit tea.

Le Petit Souffle french restaurant makati

Kinoko Frites (Php 235)

The Kinoko Frites, which is basically deep fried enoki and oyster mushrooms in matcha salt and served with sour tonkotsu mayo, made for great appetizers while we waited for our food. It’s kind of messy to eat though, because it crumbles with little pressure from picking it up with your fingers.

Le Petit Souffle french restaurant makati

Honey Citrus Salad (Php 285)

The Honey Citrus Salad was extremely filling (even though we think the portions might be smaller than the regular-priced version). More importantly, the greens, the citrus parts, and everything in it tasted fresh. The lemon honey dressing on the side gave it enough flavor for someone like me who doesn’t like her greens that much to be able to muster up the appetite to down the whole salad.

Le Petit Souffle french restaurant makati

We were ecstatic when our orders arrived. Kat got the Squid-Ink Rice (which I was a bit hesitant to try because I didn’t want to squid-ink stains on my teeth!), Phya got the Pork Bourguignon, and I ordered Just Mac and Cheese.

Le Petit Souffle french restaurant makati

Just Mac and Cheese (Php 395)

Look at all the toppings the Just Mac and Cheese has! The serving size is also huge and can even be shared by two people (I had to take home my left-overs because I was only able to finish half). The dish was topped with melted sharp cheddar and mozarella, hungarian sausage, strips of bacon, and shimeji and crimini mushrooms in all the right places (read: everywhere). Every time I forked through my pasta and tried to take a bite, this would happen:

Le Petit Souffle french restaurant makati

Say cheese!

Le Petit Souffle french restaurant makati

Pork Bourguignon (Php 425)

Le Petit Souffle french restaurant makati

Squid-Ink Rice (Php 395)

Both the Pork Bourguignon  and the Squid-Ink Rice had overwhelming amounts of toppings! I don’t remember the taste of the Pork Bourguignon, but I remember liking the Squid-Ink Rice best out of the three main dishes we sampled that day. The seafood tasted fresh and devouring it was a guilt-less experience.

Le Petit Souffle french restaurant makati

Vanilla Custard Base Softee

We weren’t able to finish our mains (we didn’t try to anymore because we were really full!), but we made room for dessert. The Vanilla Custard Base Softee tasted all right. It didn’t really have anything that differentiated it from other soft ice creams. However, Le Petit Souffle is popular for their other dessert choices, and I’m looking forward to having a souffle on my next visit!



Overall, we had an enjoyable dining experience at Le Petit Souffle, and I can’t wait to go back and bring Kyle and get him to try the Just Mac and Cheese. I’d definitely order the Squid-Ink rice next time. -HANA

Le Petit Souffle
3/F Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave.,Makati
+63 2 886-3056


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