5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Maybelline Girl Georgina Wilson

maybelline girl georgina wilson

Life has a funny way of teaching you things. It was truly a wonderful surprise to find out that I had made it into the Top 15 of the Maybelline Project #MakeItHappen, because I knew the other girls competing for the prize were extremely talented ladies, and they were way ahead of me in terms of reach. Truth is, I had realistically less chance to get in compared to 95% of the other contestants! Despite this, I gave it my all and here we are — the final leg of this exciting competition and a last shot at making a dream come true.

maybelline girl georgina wilson

This is how landing a place in the top 15 felt!

A short backstory: During the day of the exclusive one-on-one interview with Georgina, I found myself running late because I couldn’t get off an hour earlier from work. To make the day extra challenging, the driver of my Uber ride did not know how to get to the venue, and we spent an extra thirty minutes on the road trying to figure out how to get to our destination, making me even later than I was. I couldn’t help myself from being a bit disheartened as thoughts of losing my chance to compete filled me as I felt completely helpless in the middle of traffic. Then I realized I’ve worked too hard to turn back and give up, and knew I had to keep going, even if it meant having to get down from my ride at some place unfamiliar to me and walking to the venue in heels. Relief filled me as I took my slot (the last slot!) for the exclusive interview, knowing that I have made it just in time! I can’t imagine any other way that adventure would have ended.

At the Ultimate Face-off Challenge booth!

While waiting for Georgina, I had the chance to take a look around the venue and test the newest cosmetics from Maybelline New York. One particular item that caught my interest was the Maybelline White Superfresh pressed powder at the Ultimate Face-off Challenge booth. I’ve had the pressed powder for a few months now, but I didn’t know just how absorbent it was. I knew that i was good from my previous trials, but it was only during the challenge that I developed a better appreciation of how it keeps sweat and oil from ruining your look. It promises 12 hours of matte freshness, eliminating the need for frequent touchups.

During the interview, I took the chance to know more about Maybelline and Georgina Wilson. “Why Maybelline?” and “What can women all over the world learn from Georgina?” were some of the most pressing questions in my head. Here’s what I learned:

maybelline girl georgina wilson

1.  She has “a crazy internal drive” that keeps her going from one goal to the next. It’s probably not very common knowledge that Georgina earned her degree in Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Accounting and Finance from the University of Sydney. Aside from being a finance geek, she also juggles her modeling and hosting career with being an entrepreneur and owner of popular eyewear brand, Sunnies Studios. I couldn’t help but ask, “What drives her to do the things she do?” Georgina shares that it’s her naturally crazy drive that keeps on pushing her for more and more. “While doing one goal, I’m managing five different other goals,” says Georgina. “Maybe it has something to do with how my parents brought me up. They never asked me or forced me to do anything, so [everything I do] is really my own desire, with no one else pressuring me to do anything.”

2. She shares that success for most people comes with a cost. You’d think that being a celebrity gives Georgina more time for play and freedom, but she shares that that is rarely the case. For her, it’s the time she loses doing the things she used to take for granted. When asked about what the most challenging part of her road to success was, she answers “I think that anyone who’s successful realize that they lose so much time, and that they don’t have time to do things that they took for granted before. You come to treasure certain things, like for me, going to Belo, and spending time with my family. Now, I’m a lot more disciplined, like I tell myself ‘This weekend, I’m just gonna rest.'”

3. What does being a Maybelline girl mean to her? If she had to sum up being a Maybelline girl in three words, it would be these three: Empowered, Determined, and Focused.

maybelline girl georgina wilson

4. She’s naturally timid, but it doesn’t stop her from doing what she does best. “It comes with a lot of practice, and when you meet people who have been following and supporting you for so long, you kind of think that it isn’t worth it to be unsure of yourself.” Shy girls, take note!

5. She believes that everyone can be a Maybelline girl. For Georgina, being a Maybelline girl is not about having the right looks or being popular. In one interview, she mentions that she doesn’t want anyone aspiring to be like her, because she believes that everyone has their own path in life. She shares that for her, being a Maybelline girl is being confident and fearless when it comes to pursuing your dreams. Her advice to all the girls who want to channel their inner Maybelline girl? “Make your dreams happen and don’t letting anything stop you.”

maybelline girl georgina wilson

My encounter with Georgina echoed my sentiments from my earlier misfortunes. It further strengthened my resolve to keep on pushing for the things that I want even more when challenges keep on coming. If there’s anything I learned about Maybelline, it’s that they do what they do to empower ladies all over the world to have the confidence to chase after their dreams, and that Georgina Wilson perfectly embodies what Maybelline stands for.

This competition has come to a close, and I’m weeks away from the announcement of the winner. I’m not going to deny it — I’m nervous! I’ve done all I can to get to this stage in the competition, and I’m going to hold onto all hope that I come out on top. But more than anything, this challenge has taught me so many things about being a Maybelline girl. Win or lose, I’m a Maybelline girl at heart. Here’s to the Maybelline girls whose runway is the world, and strut their stuff with style and utmost confidence. Cheers to making it happen!-HANA

10 comments to 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Maybelline Girl Georgina Wilson

  • ROBERT LEE  says:


    Congratulations! You will win! :) And yes, it takes a lot of hard work. Glamorous doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with the effort.

  • Kylie  says:

    What an incredible achievement to both participate and meet someone so humbling! I especially loved your ‘shy girls’ point; naturally I’m an introvert so it’s good to see another one of us out there succeeding! ;-)

    Thank you for this beautiful post! Keep up the amazing work! :-)

  • Joanna  says:

    Congratulations for the interview! You have pointed out some very good pieces of advice that you should keep with you and be positive about the competition. Believe in yourself and you will win! :)

  • Riley  says:

    Beautiful in so many ways!!! Thank you for sharing this magic! Congrats & best of luck!!!

  • Charu  says:

    Wow I love your dedication and I love what I read about Georgina. You sure sound like a Maybelline girl yourself.

  • Veeyah  says:

    You definitely deserve it! I love how you sound like a Maybelline girl yourself, hehe. Empowered women!

  • Dunja  says:

    Congratulations and best of luck! I hope you’ll win, i believe in you! I love the #2 point, it’s so true. We all take thise small simple things for granted

  • Nurse Alpha  says:

    She really do have an interesting personality. Congratulations to you dear!

  • Capers Rouge  says:

    Congrats to you. and thanks for sharing the insights :)

  • Chel  says:

    Good work Hana! Fingers crossed that you win xxx I love Georgina, she’s definitely a #girlboss that I look up to, her answers made me admire her more.

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