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Trending: Denim Hair is the Hair Color To Match Every Outfit

denim hair blue hair color

Denim-esque hair: Yay or Nay?

These trending hair color trends keep getting better and better! This time, experts and hair stylists have taken inspiration from denim, which has recently been spotted in catwalks and runways for Chanel and Celine. For those looking for the familiar and laid-back feel for their tresses, then denim hair might just be your next match. The new hair color is the brainchild of Adam Reed, the co-founder of award-winning London hairdressers, Percy & Reed...

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How to be a #SelfieExpert

how to take the perfect selfie

The word “selfie” won as Oxford’s Word of the Year in 2013, but the addiction to taking GPOYs (Gratuitous Photos Of Yourself) started way, waaaay back in the early 2000s. The love for selfies started with the rise of the digicam and the increasing popularity of social sharing websites, such as Friendster and Multiply. As smartphones replaced digicams and became the default extension of most people’s dominant arms, we saw selfies more frequently on our online feeds...

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This New Eyeliner Trick Will Make Your Eyes Look Brighter

how to make your eyes look brighter with eyeliner

Looking for a cool new trick to further your makeup game? Here’s a subtle new makeup hack that doesn’t require advanced makeup application skills, and is perfect for all makeup lovers of all levels. At the Marissa Webb Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week show, the models rocked two-tone eyeliners — an idea so simple, you’d probably think to yourself “Why haven’t I thought of this before?” after seeing the rest of the photos...

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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Maybelline Girl Georgina Wilson

maybelline girl georgina wilson

Life has a funny way of teaching you things. It was truly a wonderful surprise to find out that I had made it into the Top 15 of the Maybelline Project #MakeItHappen, because I knew the other girls competing for the prize were extremely talented ladies, and they were way ahead of me in terms of reach...

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6 Romantic Restaurant Destinations in Manila

romantic restaurants in manila

It’s the holiday of love once again, and I’m sure by now, almost every couple has already decided on where they want to celebrate Valentine’s Day at. But for those who don’t have any options yet, or haven’t completely made up their minds about their V-day plans, here’s a list of my favorite romantic restaurant destinations in Manila. I’ve been to all of these restaurants in the past, save for one, which I plan to go to tomorrow!

Here are six romantic restaurant spots in Manila, in no particular...

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The World-Famous Soup Dumplings of Din Tai Fung Arrives in Manila

din tai fung megamall ortigas manila xiao long bao

The opening of Din Tai Fung in Manila was met with anticipation from many foodies who have encountered the brand abroad. As for me, the mention of “Xiao Long Bao”, or soup dumplings, was enough to get me curious. It was a five-time Michelin star-awarded restaurant that promises the highest standards when it comes to food and service. If that’s not enough to tell you what to expect, DTF was also ranked by the New York Times as one of the 10 Best Restaurants in the world...

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30 Motivational Quotes from Kick-Ass Lady Bosses

If there’s one thing people always get wrong about being a boss, it’s that it’s a glamorous position. I can tell you for a fact that it’s not. Being the leader means sticking your neck out for your team and your company, and doing the heavy lifting and jumping into the mud when everyone else is just rolling their sleeves up and getting ready to get dirty. It’s a position that comes with a lot of risks, but the rewards are equally plenty...

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Dohtonbori Greenhills: A Surprisingly Filling Okonomiyaki Experience

dohtonbori greenhills san juan japanese restaurant manila

The finished product! (or at least half of it.)

Dohtonbori Philippines in Greenhills has been open since November 2015, and despite being the first ones to visit and weather the long queue and the soft opening, I just wasn’t able to bring myself to blog about it so easily! Long story short, I loved the food and the ambience, but I couldn’t bring myself to share it with everyone else just yet because I wanted to keep it to myself for a little while longer...

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5 Seriously Crazy Beauty Trends That Will Definitely Make You Stand Out

funky beauty trends 2016 glitter freckles

Glitter freckles is sweeping Instagram (Source)

We’ve seen a lot of beauty trends in 2015 that were too crazy to attempt (remember glitter roots, bubble nails, and glitter beards?), and we were all relieved when these fads died down. However, new funky trends are surfacing, and some older trends from late 2015 live to fight another day, as they continue to make waves on Instagram and all over the world wide web. Here are the funkiest trends of 2016, in no particular order:

funky beauty trends 2016 rainbow hair underlights

Rainbow Underlights


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Welcome Mornings with a Smile at Buon Giorno! Caffé & Bistro in Tagaytay

buon giorno tagaytay twin lakes italian restaurant

Whether you’re in Tagaytay to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Taal Lake, or scouting for new venues to treat your taste buds to, the newly opened Buon Giorno Caffe and Bistro at Twin Lakes Estates in Tagaytay promises the best of both experiences to its guests. I’ve discovered this new restaurant two months ago, and found that it had all the ingredients to make it a favorite family and barkada destination for all occasion.

buon giorno tagaytay twin lakes italian restaurant

The venue caters provides an enjoyable dining atmosphere for groups ...

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