5 Beauty Items Which Should Always Be On Your Bedside Table

If you probably love to sleep and just lay in bed the whole day half as much as I do, then you know you spend *A LOT* of time in bed. You’ve probably contemplated moving the bed next to your bathroom door, and maybe closer to the microwave, too! That way, everything you’ll ever need is within reach.

Amen, girl!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You’re probably a normal girl leading a normal life, which is spent most of the time in school or at work, with the normal struggles of everyday life! There’s struggling to get out of bed on a daily basis, working through the daily grind, and running back to bed. Life can be busy most times for you, but you shouldn’t neglect caring for yourself, which you can do from the comforts of your own warm and cozy mattress. These five items can make all the difference when you have it on your bedside table, so make sure to gather them STAT!

1. Tangle Teezer. Brushing your hair shouldn’t feel like a chore! I learned this when I first encountered a special detangling brush called Tangle Angel, and found a cheaper and less bulky alternative called the Tangle Teezer. It gets the job of smoothening your tresses done painlessly, and you won’t be walking around with a bedhead.

Unless you’re Rapunzel, brushing your hair should not feel like a chore.

2. Bottle of Drinking Water. I cannot stress enough how important meeting the required amount of water intake on a daily basis is! Water first thing in the morning breaks the long hours of subjecting your body to no water intake. Think of it as a refill. Besides, having it there gives you no excuse to skip out on a few gulps. After a long night of drinking, make sure to drink extra fluids to minimize the disaster of an impending hangover. If you fail in preventing it, water at bedside still comes in handy for when you need to take one painkiller after another.

That feel when you’re nursing a major hangover.

3. Lip Balm/ Lip Gloss. Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips by slathering on your favorite lip gloss or lip balm before bedtime. Doing so gives your puckers time to absorb it overnight, and when you wake up, you’ll have effortlessly great-looking lips!

4. Wet Wipes. Admit it– some nights you come home so tired you don’t take off your makeup anymore. You know this is unacceptable, but you can’t bring yourself to the bathroom to wash off all the gunk on your face that’s been seated there for the last eight hours. The best compromise is to wipe your makeup and all the dirt from the outside off with alcohol-free wet wipes before even putting your head against your pillow. Giggles is a brand that my teacher in makeup school highly recommends, and I’ve been using it for the past three years.

Serial zit popper? #5 is the product you won’t be able to live without.

5. Calmoseptine Lotion. The final item on our list is a secret beauty product and a real life saver! If you have any open wound (like freshly pricked pimples because you just can’t stop yourself) or rashes on your skin, Calmoseptine lotion is here to the rescue! Make sure to apply on wounds or rashes and leave on overnight. It will effectively aid in the healing process and minimize inflammation and scarring. Calmoseptine Lotion sachets can be bought from your neighborhood drug stores for Php 45.

Got anything you’d like to add to the list of bedside beauty must-haves? Don’t hesitate to share it with me in the comments section below! -HANA

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